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Just buy both books already…

By Jeremy Manier In a rare though hardly surprising development, two evolution researchers at the University of Chicago have the top two books in the “Evolution” category at (It’s hardly surprising because the university’s graduate program in ecology and evolutionary biology is consistently ranked the best in the nation… end of gratuitous plug.) The […]

A Witness to Science History

Janet Rowley, M.D. By Jeremy Manier This was a long but exhilarating day for Janet Rowley, who was at President Obama’s side as he signed the executive order creating a new stem-cell policy. I caught up with her by phone in D.C. this afternoon as she waited for her plane back to Chicago. Rowley said […]

Obama lifts stem cell restrictions

By Jeremy Manier Nice line – “There’s no finish line in the race of science.” He’s right to make clear that cures won’t come quickly. In fact he implied that many treatments will not come even in the lifetime of the next generation. The scientist at Obama’s right-hand side as he signs the executive order […]

Watch the Fine Print on Stem Cells

Photo credit: University of Wisconsin-Madison By Jeremy Manier The Washington Post reported this afternoon that President Obama plans to lift the Bush-era restrictions on stem-cell research funding via executive order on Monday. Now comes the hard part – implementing a stem-cell policy that’s meaningful, has full ethical protections and unlocks the scientific talent that’s been held […]

Live-streaming health care reform

By Jeremy Manier This was a great idea [NOTE: The link no longer brings up the forum; see below]. Just browsing through the sessions, it’s a very high quality discussion, with a lot of focus on improving preventive care – a huge issue in underserved areas. UPDATE: The streaming video is no longer up, but […]

Finding Hope With Pancreatic Cancer

By Jeremy Manier Pancreatic cancer has made an unusual amount of news lately, with the very public struggles of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs, and actor Patrick Swayze. The diagnosis can be dire news; the mean survival time following diagnosis is often measured in months, though that can vary […]


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