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Answers to Common Questions About Swine Flu, Pt. 2

By Jeremy Manier Here’s Part 2 of our conversation with Kenneth Alexander, M.D., chief of pediatric infectious diseases. In this second and last installment, we discuss what ordinary people can do to avoid getting or spreading swine flu, some steps that medical professionals can take, and what would constitute a flu pandemic.

Answers to Common Questions About Swine Flu, Pt. 1

By Jeremy Manier Here’s a video we shot yesterday of Kenneth Alexander, M.D., chief of pediatric infectious diseases, answering common questions about swine flu.

How would Obama respond to a flu pandemic?

By Jeremy Manier The news of unusual swine flu cases in Mexico and the American southwest has raised concerns that the outbreaks could herald a new flu pandemic – though the anxiety level in this AP story on today’s news seems just a bit too high at this stage. Something about the tone smacks of […]

With implantable defibrillators, look for a specialist

Credit: NHLBI By Jeremy Manier News outlets reported this week on a new JAMA study showing that having a heart defibrillator implanted by an electrophysiologist produces fewer complications for patients than if a doctor outside that specialty does the procedure. I asked Martin C. Burke, DO, to comment on the article and the background that […]

NCI to double the number of cancer grants

By Jeremy Manier This announcement from the National Cancer Institute could be very big news at cancer research centers like this one. The increase, which NCI director John E. Niederhuber described in a speech at the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, will be part of the economic stimulus package. Here’s an interesting passage […]

Obama’s surprisingly centrist rules on stem cells

By Jeremy Manier Last Friday the Obama administration published its new guidelines for federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, ending the Bush-era restrictions on that work. Except they didn’t end all of the restrictions. The new rules do not allow for work on cells made via research cloning (somatic cell nuclear transfer), and they require […]

Grapefruit juice boosts drug’s anti-cancer effects

Grapefruit juice boosts drug’s anti-cancer effects

Research links evolution of fins and limbs with that of gills

Research links evolution of fins and limbs with that of gills

Scenes from a cancer trial

By Jeremy Manier Neuroblastoma patients recently got some of the best research news they’ve had in a while – but the news wasn’t perfect for everyone. Word of the advance came in an announcement last month from the national Children’s Oncology Group. A Phase III trial of an antibody-based treatment for neuroblastoma (protocol ANBL0032) had […]

Coyne and Levin, Pt. 2

By Jeremy Manier I usually disagree with Yuval Levin, but he’s one of my favorite writers about biotechnology on the right or the left. He’s thoughtful, informed and open to dialogue. He’s also fairly immune to hype about scientific advances, which ought to count as a cardinal virtue. Yuval spent a good chunk of the […]


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