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Video Linkage: Titus Hadron-icus

Last year, I read The God Particle, Leon Lederman and Dick Teresi’s entertainingly wry flyover of the history of physics and the birth of particle accelerator science. My motivation for slotting this heavy subject into my daily commute was the impending activation of the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, the most powerful particle […]

Up in the Air, Stressing Out

Jet lag is the perennial unwelcome companion of the air traveler, an experience that can make one’s mind feel like it was left back at the airport. That powerful disorientation has made jet lag a topic of interest for scientists, who have looked at changes to a person’s  brain chemistry and physiology after lengthy, intercontinental […]

Inching Toward the Genetic Clinic

In the clinic of the future, a person’s genomic information will be a routine part of their medical record, no more exotic than height, weight and family history. The unique genetics of each patient will be employed by the doctor and his computer to custom-tailor treatments for every condition imaginable, from HIV and cancer to […]

Linkage 3/24: The Pinky of An Ancestor and Harmful Neurologisms

Expanding the Human Family, One Cave at a Time A couple weeks back on the blog, Callum Ross debunked a lemur-like creature, Darwinius masillae, purported by some to be a very distant human ancestor. If you were feeling sad about this contraction of the human family circle, you may have been cheered by news this […]

Psychic Orthopedics in Haiti

Orthopedic surgeons are tasked with repairing the architecture of our bodies, setting bones straight when they break and correcting injuries to muscles and joints. It doesn’t take a medical degree to know that, most of the time, those structures lie inside the skin. That means that one of the most important tools available to a […]

Dr. FAQ: Daniel Le Grange on Eating Disorders

When we chatted with University of Chicago psychiatrists about the proposed changes to the DSM-V – the diagnostic manual for mental disorders – there was one much talked-about piece missing: eating disorders. Many media outlets writing about the DSM-V draft mentioned a change in the chapter on eating disorders that sounds small but could be […]

Shaping a Stem Cell’s Future

Stem cells are a little like teenagers, full of potential but not sure what they’re going to be when they grow up. It’s that uncertain destiny that makes stem cells so exciting to scientists and physicians, who hope to someday use them for everything from spinal cord repair to organ regeneration. But corralling the uncertain […]

Field Hospital Haiti: The Movie

We’ve talked a lot over the last several weeks about the University of Chicago Medical Center medical relief efforts in Haiti since the devastating earthquake of January 12th. But most of that discussion has been in the form of photos from the field hospital in Fond Parisien where many of the UChicago volunteers have worked, […]

Linkage 3/17: Courtroom Brain Scans, Molecular Fingerprinting

fMRI on Trial Last year, one of the most-followed trials in the Chicago area was the first-degree murder case against Brian Dugan, who was accused of murdering a 10-year-old Naperville girl in 1983. The Dugan trial was interesting for many reasons, most notably for coming at the end of a 26-year process during which two […]

A New Research Field, Desperately Needed

By all accounts, the medical response to January’s devastating earthquake in Haiti has been overwhelming. But what about the situation in Haiti before the earthquake? At the beginning of the year, the small nation boasted the 2nd-highest number of non-governmental organizations, NGOs, per capita, trailing only India. And yet when the 7.0 earthquake struck just […]


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