Science Life is the online news hub for the University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences, featuring research, news and multimedia content from the forefront of medicine. News releases related to biology and medicine are also posted online in our Newsroom on the date of their embargo. Our releases are accessible to qualified journalists on EurekAlert!, an online news resource sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Newswise, a press release distribution service. We will fax embargoed news releases and manuscripts on request.

The Media Team is available 24 hours a day to assist media professionals with breaking news, as well as finding expert health care sources, including physicians and researchers.

Primary media line
(773) 702-0025
After normal business hours, dial (773) 753-1880 and press 8026 to page the on-call team member.

Lorna W.S. (Lim) Wong, Director of Media Relations and the News Office
(773) 702-0188
Administrative/executive topics, labor management, legal issues, affiliations

Ashley Heher, Assistant Director of the News Office
(773) 834-8089
Breaking news, heart and vascular, medical education (Pritzker School of Medicine)

John Easton, Senior Science Writer
(773) 795-5225
Cancer, imaging-radiology, radiation therapy, pathology, anesthesiology, biomedical research

Kevin Jiang, Science Writer and Media Relations Specialist
(773) 795-5227
Neuroscience and neurosurgery, orthopedics and sports medicine, psychology, genetics, biology, evolution, biomedical and basic science research

Mike McHugh, Senior Media Relations Specialist
(773) 702-3641
Hospital finance, health policy and insurance, medical ethics (MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics), doctor-patient relations (Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence), UChicago Cancer Conversations editor

Tiffani Washington, Senior Media Relations Specialist
(773) 702-5865
Gastrointestinal disorders/digestive diseases, pediatrics, urban and community health, emergency medicine, women’s health, complementary and alternative medicine

Matt Wood, Media and Social Media Specialist
(773) 702-5894
Transplants, health care social media, medical and information technology, celiac disease, diabetes, burn injuries and care, ScienceLife editor

Any opinions expressed in this blog are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Chicago Medicine. Thanks for visiting.


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