A Nano-Vehicle to Fight Brain Cancer

By Rob Mitchum Treating a brain tumor in a lab dish is easy. Scientists have developed a full arsenal of treatments to kill tumor cells, using natural toxins, chemotherapeutic drugs, and even gene therapy to send them to an early grave. But making those therapies work in the actual setting of the brain is a […]

Linkage 7/22: Smarter Dosing and Fossil Diaries

A large portion of medical research is dedicated to designing and testing new and better drugs for treating disease. But what if we could improve treatments with the drugs we already have – and potentially cut costs at the same time? That’s the proposal made in an editorial this week in the Journal of the […]

Living Devices & Biomaterials – A Chief Molecular Engineer is Named

Late last year, we relayed the announcement of an exciting new academic program here at the University of Chicago, the Institute of Molecular Engineering. At the time, the IME had a future home (sharing the new William Eckhardt Research Center with the Physical Sciences Division) and a vision, but did not yet have a leader. […]

Putting a Long Leash on Synthetic Life

When scientist/entrepreneur J. Craig Venter announced that his company had created “synthetic life” in March, a predictable tsunami of media hype followed. Though the discovery was more accurately an important step in synthetic biology, rather than the creation of life from scratch in a laboratory, the story provoked rampant speculation about what this new field […]

A New Building, A New Discipline

Today, the University of Chicago announced plans to construct the William Eckhardt Research Center, an innovative new building along Ellis Avenue that will be home to many researchers in the physical sciences. But just as newsworthy as the new building is one of its prominent tenants: the Institute for Molecular Engineering, the largest new department […]

Linkage 10/8: The Nobels, ADHD, and Spoofs

This past week has been Nobel Prize week, and while none of the winners so far have had a University of Chicago connection (unlike last year’s trio), it’s still good fun for science spectators. Trying to divine a common theme from all of a year’s winners is probably futile – the selection process at the […]

Nano-Pancakes to Fight Brain Cancer

Brain tumors are some of the hardest cancers to treat – unresponsive to treatment, difficult to access surgically, and quick to grow. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy drugs may all be enlisted to fight off a malignant glioma, but still the prognosis is often measured in months, according to Maciej Lesniak, associate professor of surgery and […]

Late Linkage: Futurity

I apologize for the lack of a Linkage post last Friday – instead of blogging, your editors were learning about Chicago’s downtown architecture as we floated along the green if not Green Chicago River on one of summer’s final days. But like the reversed flow of that waterway, the science never stops, and last week […]

Nano-Treatment for Brain Tumors

(Note: This article was corrected on 12/9/09 – previously, it said that the nanoparticles were activated by UV light, but the TiO2 particles are actually modified to be activated using normal, visible light. Also, the light exposure time was only 5 minutes, not 6 hours as previously reported in the text.) As reported everywhere today, […]


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