Light-Guided Biology #2: Infared Excitement

The rise of optogenetics — where flashes of light can manipulate brain activity and behavior — have excited scientists looking for more precise ways of manipulating cells and their components in the laboratory and the clinic. Two papers published this month by University of Chicago laboratories explore new methods with great scientific potential of controlling […]

The Real Danger of Cell Phones and Cancer

When the media fixates on a medical topic, doctors know that a flurry of patient questions will inevitably follow. So it helps to be prepared with responses to hot-button questions, such as those surrounding the recent resurgence of the potential link between cell phones and brain cancer. Inspired by the World Health Organization moving the […]

Linkage 4/22: Nuclear Lessons, Cancer Genomes, DES’ Legacy

The University of Chicago is the birthplace of nuclear energy. So like proud but concerned parents, UChicago has kept a close eye on the benefits and challenges of nuclear power over the years since the first self-sustained nuclear reaction under Stagg Field. Thus, the battle to manage the consequences of the damaged reactors at the […]

Linkage 4/8: Exciting Bumps, Shutdown Ripples

In physics, there’s nothing better than an unexpected result. Wednesday, Fermilab scientists unveiled the graph at left and caused figurative rioting in the streets of the physics community, confirming months of rumors about an exciting new result from the suburban Chicago facility (You can watch video of the presentation here). It’s a big score in […]

Living Devices & Biomaterials – A Chief Molecular Engineer is Named

Late last year, we relayed the announcement of an exciting new academic program here at the University of Chicago, the Institute of Molecular Engineering. At the time, the IME had a future home (sharing the new William Eckhardt Research Center with the Physical Sciences Division) and a vision, but did not yet have a leader. […]

Linkage 3/4: Budget Backlash, Overprevention, Mass Extinction

In Washington, the fight over budget cuts is well underway, as a Republican majority in the House and a Democratic majority in the Senate tussle over the best way to reduce a multi-trillion dollar federal deficit. The first bill of the new House, H.R.1, set federal appropriations for the rest of fiscal year 2011 (ending […]

Unlocking the Universe’s Secrets in the Suburbs

In its sedative normalcy, the Chicago suburban sprawl would seem an unlikely setting for the noble quest of solving the basic laws of nature. But just up Farnsworth Avenue from the outlet mall and the minor league ballpark lies the 6,800-acre campus of Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, where scientists have spent the last 40 years […]


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