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MacArthur Foundation Grant Helps Melissa Gilliam Change the Game

MacArthur Foundation Grant Helps Melissa Gilliam Change the Game

Dr. Melissa Gilliam’s Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry & Innovation in Sexual & Reproductive Health (Ci3) at the University of Chicago has received a $500,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

The Organizational Clout to Fight Health Disparities

When it comes to the hard work of narrowing health disparities in the United States, the heavy lifting is most often done by those at the front lines of medicine. Clinics that treat underserved populations, researchers with ideas about how to improve health care access, or hospitals that support such programs are the primary forces […]

Telling a Digital Tale about Sexual Health

By Matt Wood It’s a perennial question for doctors, teachers and parents trying to teach young people about sexual health: How do you get through to them? No parent relishes the thought of talking to a teenager about using condoms or avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, and traditional school settings offer less time for health education […]

A Religious Approach to Health Disparities

In America, the issue of health disparities is often considered as a matter of black and white…and Hispanic and Asian-American, and so on. Most of the time, U.S. populations are sliced into categories of race and ethnicity so that researchers can compare health measures and determine culturally relevant interventions where needed. But racial identity is […]

Sexual Taboos, Racial Disparities and the HPV Vaccine

By Matt Wood The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a strikingly common sexually transmitted disease associated with cervical cancer. More than 25 percent of women ages 14-59 are infected with HPV, but it gained greater attention in the United States in 2006 when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first vaccine for it. African […]

Talking the Talk Against Street Violence

By Dianna Douglas The public health threats in Chicago aren’t just diabetes, asthma and hypertension—about 500 lives are lost every year in the city by homicide. The University of Chicago Medicine fights the root causes of deadly violence in various ways. One recent attempt is through a partnership with CeaseFire, a group in Chicago that […]

Brucella and the Fake Self-Destruct

By Rob Mitchum Brucella abortus is a particularly pesky pathogen. Frequently infecting cattle in many countries around the world, the bacterium causes the most common zoonotic infection, usually passing from animal to humans through ingestion of unpasteurized dairy products. While the infection, known as brucellosis or undulant fever, is rarely deadly, it can cause assorted […]

An Educational ECHO for South Side Clinics

By Matt Wood Video conferencing has crossed the threshold from corporate boardroom to the household in the last few years. Anyone with a Skype account or an iPhone can host their own video chats. Now, a group at the University of Chicago Medicine is using video conferencing as a way to train primary care providers […]

Clean Your Teeth and Check for HIV?

People are used to feeling uncomfortable at the dentist, whether its suffering the drill or trying to make conversation with a gloved finger in your mouth. Given this baseline, perhaps the dentists’ office is the perfect place for another awkward experience: testing for HIV. This intriguing proposal has been made by public health advocates since […]

PURLs of Wisdom

By Matt Wood Family medicine physicians try to stay current in their fields by reading the latest medical journals and research literature, but the volume of new research can be overwhelming. To deal with this flood of information, the Family Physicians Inquiries Network created a system called Priority Updates from the Research Literature, or PURLs, […]


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