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Doctors test the power of the Rx pad to drive healthier food choices among diabetes patients

Eat healthy foods. This simple, straightforward advice is typically near the top of any doctor’s set of parting instructions. Today, Americans are more informed than ever about the likely pitfalls of a diet high in cholesterol, sodium and sugar. And for people living with diabetes, being ever mindful of diet guidelines is critical. Yet for […]

LabBook July 27, 2012

Welcome to LabBook, our weekly roundup of University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences research news from around campus and the world wide web. Each Friday, LabBook will recap the week on the blog, link to news stories about our faculty and studies, and briefly summarize a handful of recent publications by our researchers. The […]

The Organizational Clout to Fight Health Disparities

When it comes to the hard work of narrowing health disparities in the United States, the heavy lifting is most often done by those at the front lines of medicine. Clinics that treat underserved populations, researchers with ideas about how to improve health care access, or hospitals that support such programs are the primary forces […]

An Educational ECHO for South Side Clinics

By Matt Wood Video conferencing has crossed the threshold from corporate boardroom to the household in the last few years. Anyone with a Skype account or an iPhone can host their own video chats. Now, a group at the University of Chicago Medicine is using video conferencing as a way to train primary care providers […]

(NOT) Playing Games with Sexual Health

By Dianna Douglas Maybe you’re the type of person to see a tiny nonsensical phrase in the credits of a movie and actually dig into it online. Be careful—you might find yourself sucked into a mystery story. Over the course of a week, you get a text message from someone you’ve been mindlessly Googling, you […]

PURLs of Wisdom

By Matt Wood Family medicine physicians try to stay current in their fields by reading the latest medical journals and research literature, but the volume of new research can be overwhelming. To deal with this flood of information, the Family Physicians Inquiries Network created a system called Priority Updates from the Research Literature, or PURLs, […]

The All-Out Assault On Diabetes

By Dianna Douglas Imagine your doctor says he plans to increase your oral medication to control your diabetes. You do not like taking pills. Should you: A. Not rock the boat with your doctor and agree to take the increased dosage? B. Agree, but keep taking the same number of pills? C. Try to discuss […]

Year in Review: UChicago Research 2011

As another year comes to a close we’d like to look back at the fascinating research breakthroughs and inspiring patient stories from 2011. ScienceLife ran 168 posts this year, and while we wish we could highlight all of them, here are a handful of our favorites from each month. January Patrick Wilson found out that […]

Texting: A Doctor in Your Pocket?

Texting has grown from technological fad to a primary route of communication popular around the world. With cell phones in the pockets of people of all incomes and ages, the quick, no-frills conversations enabled by texting have made almost everyone more proficient with their thumbs. Due to such impressive ubiquity, people in health care are […]

Better Neighborhood, Better Health

Location, location, location. The three most important words in real estate turn out to be significant for health as well. In today’s issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, a research team based at the University of Chicago show that low-income women with children who moved from high-poverty to lower-poverty neighborhoods experienced notable long-term […]


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