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Articles from top-tier, mainstream, popular or suburban media outlets featuring University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences physicians and researchers in the past month:

RPT-New data fuels doctors’ demands to rewrite U.S. heart guidelines
Reuters US News – Nov 21, 2014
Matthew Sorrentino, MD, comments (syndicated to several other outlets via Reuters)

The driving force of diabetes; it’s a concern whether you’re thin or obese
Rolling Out – Nov 21, 2014
Monica Peek, MD, MPH, featured

Debate: Should Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?
National Public Radio – Nov 20, 2014
Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD, featured

Chicago Health Disparities Persist But Can Be Stopped
The Huffington Post – Blog – Nov 19, 2014
By Monica Peek, MD, MPH and Marshall Chin, MD, MPH

Here’s What You Should Know About Going Gluten-Free
Time Magazine – Nov 19, 2014
Stefano Guandalini, MD, comments

Palliative care called life-affirming alternative to assisted suicide
Catholic Courier – Nov 19, 2014
Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD, comments

Get Your Full Course!
KMTV – Nov 18, 2014
David Rubin, MD, appeared on 20 TV and radio stations with Food Network star Sunny Anderson to raise awareness for IBD

7 Weird Things You Body Does (And What They Mean)
Woman’s Day – Nov 17, 2014
Adam Cifu, MD, comments

New Insights Into How Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases Spread in the Brain
Society for Neuroscience – Nov 17, 2014
Sangram Sisodia, PhD, comments

Dosing at Night to Cause BP ‘Dipping’
Medscape – Nov 17, 2014
Video featuring George Bakris, MD

Dr. Susan Tolle, OHSU pioneer in end-of-life-care, received prestigious medical ethics prize
The Oregonian – – Nov 17, 2014
Make Siegler, MD, comments (Tolle was awarded the MacLean Center Prize in Clinical Ethics)

Kidney donation appeal goes out to help father of 6, others
Chicago Tribune – Nov 16, 2014
Yolanda Becker, MD, comments

Medicaid patients denied new hepatitis C cures
Chicago Tribune – Nov 16, 2014
Andrew Aronsohn, MD, comments

New Agents Show Promise in Cirrhosis
Medpage Today – Nov 15, 2014
Donald Jensen, MD, comments

Financial Toxicity Potentially Harmful Treatment-Related Effect
The Asco Post – Nov 14, 2014
Jonas de Souza, MD, comments

Oropharyngeal Cancer Now Most Common Head & Neck Cancer
Oncology Times – LWW Journals – Nov 13, 2014
Tanguy Seiwert, MD, comments

Gender makes a difference for baby language exposure, a study reports
Deseret News – Nov 13, 2014
Dana Suskind, MD, comments

U.S. hospitals stock up on Ebola prevention supplies
CCTV America – Nov 13, 2014
Sylvia Garcia-Houchins, RN, comments

It’s World Pancreatic Cancer Day
Fox Chicago – Nov 13, 2014
Irving Waxman, MD, interviewed

IOM Report Calls for Transformation of End-of-Life Care
JAMA – Nov 12, 2014
Stacie Levine, MD, comments

Groundbreaking for U. of C. medical facility pushed back to spring
Chicago Tribune – Nov 12, 2014

Systolic Over 160? Start Combo Therapy Upfront
Medscape – Nov 12, 2014
Video featuring George Bakris, MD

Dr. David Rubin named UChicago Joseph B. Kirsner Professor of Medicine
Becker’s ASC Review – Nov 12, 2014

Highly effective new anticancer drug shows few side effects in animal studies
Oncology Nurse Advisor – Nov 11, 2014
Research by Yusuke Nakamura, MD, PhD, featured

Do I Need a Doctor?: Whether to Seek Help or Suck It Up in Nine Scenarios
Men’s Fitness – Nov 10, 2014
Alex Lickerman, MD, featured

New HCV Drugs Pass Muster in Real World
Medpage Today – Nov 10, 2014
Donald Jensen, MD, comments

Insurance, income, education tied to survival after lung cancer surgery
Reuters Health & Fitness News – Nov 07, 2014
Mark Ferguson, MD, comments

Ancient critter from Madagascar rewrites early mammalian history
Reuters US News – Nov 05, 2014
Zhe-Xi Luo, PhD, comments

DHA Supplements May Reduce Stress in Pregnant Women
Medscape – Nov 07, 2014
Research by Kate Keenan, PhD, featured

Dense breasts and breast cancer: More than a mammogram needed? – Nov 06, 2014
Kirti Kulkarni, MD, comments

Spilling Our Guts: Decreased Diversity in the Human Microbiome
Science Friday – Nov 06, 2014
John Alverdy, MD, featured

The 7 Reasons Your Kid Needs Sleep
Parents – Nov 06, 2014
Dorit Koren, MD, comments

Inquiring minds
The University of Chicago Magazine – Nov 06, 2014
John Maunsell, PhD, featured

In San Francisco, the Fight Against Diabetes Gets Personal
CityLab – Nov 06, 2014
Monica Peek, MD, MPH, comments

Neural Interface Activates a Sense of Touch in Prosthetic Limbs
Neurology Today – LWW Journals – Nov 06, 2014
Sliman Bensmaia, PhD, comments

Chicago Calling
Hemispheres Magazine – Nov 06, 2014
Dean Kenneth Polonsky, MD, featured

Tumor sequencing takes off, but insurance reimbursement lags
Nature Medicine – Nov 06, 2014
Ravi Salgia, MD, PhD, featured

UofC Doctors Recount Fighting Ebola in Nigeria
NBC Chicago – Nov 05, 2014
Funmi Olopade, MD, FACP, and Sola Olopade, MD, MPH, featured

Fossil’s Unusual Size and Location Offer Clues in Evolution of Mammals
New York Times – Nov 05, 2014
Zhe-Xi Luo, PhD, comments

Huge Turnout for Diabetes Townhall Forum in Chicago’s Asian Community
Asian Health Coalition – Nov 05, 2014
Deborah Burnet, MD and Karen Kim, MD, featured

Culinary Competition Uses Star Power To Address Health Disparities On Chicago’s South Side
Progress Illinois – Nov 05, 2014
Features the South Side Diabetes Project’s 3rd Annual Diabetes Cookoff

Two new drug options give hope to those suffering pulmonary fibrosis
WGN -TV – Nov 05, 2014
Imre Noth, MD, featured

South Korea’s Thyroid Cancer Rise: A Cautionary Tale?
Medscape – Nov 05, 2014
Raymon Grogan, MD, comments

UChicago Medicine introduces women’s health program to serve faculty and staff
UChicago News – Nov 05, 2014
Ernst Lengyel, MD, Maryam Siddiqui, MD, Adrianne Dade, MD, Kenneth Nunes, MD, and Nicole Leong, MD, featured

Changing Trends in the Use of Laser Vaporization and TURP
Medscape – Nov 05, 2014
Rena Malik, MD, comments

Tonsil removal for youth with sleep apnea may improve asthma, study says
Fox News – Nov 04, 2014
Rakesh Bhattacharjee, MD, featured

Can doctors help us die well?
The Christian Century – Nov 04, 2014
Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD

UChicago’s Ci3 Center: Different angle on LGBTQ health
Windy City Media Group – Nov 03, 2014
Brandon Hill, PhD, featured

Can you catch Ebola riding the CTA?
RedEye Chicago – Nov 03, 2014
Emily Landon, MD, comments

Look who’s talking to baby: Mostly mom, not dad
USA Today – Nov 02, 2014
Dana Suskind, MD, comments

How Anchor Institutions like Hospitals and Universities Can Help Cities
CityLab – Nov 01, 2014
UChicago Medicine featured

Bispecific antibodies rise again
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery – Oct 31, 2014
Wendy Stock, MD, comments

Genetic causes of complex diseases
ABC Radio National – Oct 30, 2014
Andrey Rzhetsky, PhD, featured

‘Why Can’t We Have Another Baby?’ – Oct 30, 2014
Arthur Haney, MD, comments

100 physician leaders of hospital and health systems | 2014
Becker’s Hospital Review – Oct 30, 2014
Dean Kenneth Polonsky, MD, listed

See which Chicago hospitals get A’s for patient safety
Crain’s Chicago Business – Oct 29, 2014
UChicago Medicine received its sixth consecutive A grade from the Leapfrog Group

Studies find cancer medicines may cure facilities’ bottom line as well as patients’ cancer
Oncology Nurse Advisor – Oct 29, 2014
Rena Conti, PhD, featured

Over 100 trillion served
The University of Chicago Magazine – Oct 29, 2014
Jack Gilbert, PhD, featured

Hepatitis C Pros and Cons of New Hepatitis C Treatments for Patients – Oct 28, 2014
Andrew Aronsohn, MD, comments

NIH Proceeds with Caution on Sex Balance in Biomedical Studies
Scientific American – Oct 28, 2014
Abraham Palmer, PhD, comments

What No One Tells You About Your BRCA Mutation
Jezebel – Oct 27, 2014
Cites research by Jane Churpek, MD

Illinois officials clarify Ebola quarantine policy
Northwest Herald – Oct 27, 2014
Stephen Weber, MD, comments (story syndicated widely via AP)

Chipotle Teams Up with University of Chicago Medicine Kovler Diabetes Center – Oct 27, 2014
On Wed., Nov. 5, mention Kovler Diabetes Center at any Chicago-area Chipotle and they will donate 50% of the proceeds to Kovler

Study: Girls Treated With Radiation For Rare Tumor Face Thirtyfold Increase In Breast Cancer Risk
KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest – Oct 27, 2014
Tara Henderson, MD, comments

New drug shows promise in killing cancerous tumors – Oct 26, 2014
Yusuke Nakamura, MD, PhD, featured

October 24: Nesita Kwan Reports on Chicago’s Ebola Preparedness
NBC Chicago – Oct 25, 2014
Emily Landon, MD, featured

A Diary Of Deaths Reminds Doctor Of Life
NPR Blogs – Oct 25, 2014
Adam Cifu, MD, featured

New Chicago Ebola protocols tested for first time – Oct 24, 2014
Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg, MD, and Emily Landon, MD, quoted

For kids, psychological abuse may leave the deepest scars
Reuters Health & Fitness News – Oct 24, 2014
Jill Glick, MD, comments

Esther Cepeda: Benefits of closing the word gap
The State Journal-Register – Oct 23, 2014
Dana Suskind, MD, featured

Doctors, Activists Call For Banning Antibiotic Use On Healthy Animals
CBS Chicago – Oct 23, 2014
Susan Boyle-Vavra, PhD, comments

Some U.S. hospitals weigh withholding care to Ebola patients
Reuters US News – Oct 22, 2014
Emily Landon, MD, comments

Emanuel Applauds Response To Sick Travelers From Liberia
CBS Chicago – Oct 22, 2014
Stephen Weber, MD, comments

Sick Passengers From Liberia Monitored At Chicago Hospitals
CBS Chicago – Oct 22, 2014
Stephen Weber, MD, comments

2 passengers from Liberia monitored at Chicago hospitals as part of Ebola screening process – Oct 22, 2014
Emily Landon, MD and Krista Curell, Esq, RN, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, comment


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