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Articles from top-tier, mainstream, popular or suburban media outlets featuring University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences physicians and researchers:

August 2014

Robin Williams’ wife: He had Parkinson’s disease
The Washington Post – Aug 14, 2014
Christopher Gomez, MD, PhD, comments (syndicated to dozens of other outlets via AP)

Early Antibiotics Change Gut Microbes, Fuel Obesity
Phenomena – National Geographic – Aug 14, 2014
Jack Gilbert, PhD, comments

Maternal singing calms preemies and their mothers: study
Reuters US News – Aug 14, 2014
Larry Gray, MD, comments (syndicated to dozens of other outlets via Reuters)

White Sox announce upcoming series activities – Aug 14, 2014
The White Sox game vs Toronto on Sunday, Aug. 17 is Family Sunday, sponsored by Comer Children’s Hospital

Competition for ecological niches limits evolution of new species
The Guardian – Aug 14, 2014
Trevor Price, PhD, featured

New Frontiers of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation
Health Canal – Aug 14, 2014
Stacy Kahn, MD, David Rubin, MD, comment

What’s an Oncologist’s Role In Containing Health Costs?
Clinical Oncology – Aug 13, 2014
Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD, comments

Local organization seeks to boost breast cancer awareness, raise $1 million for U. of C. researcher
Hyde Park Herald – Aug 13, 2014
Group to raise funds for Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD, FACP

Geneticists condemn new book claiming there is biological basis for racial differences in behaviour
The Independent – Aug 12, 2014
Jerry Coyne, PhD, comments

Durbin: Trauma Center At U Of C Hospital “Not A Casual Decision”
CBS Chicago – Aug 12, 2014
Sen. Durbin responded to a question about the trauma center issue during his visit on Aug. 11

Getting more sleep could cut junk food cravings in half
CBS News – Aug 12, 2014
Esra Tasali, MD, featured

Durbin Calls For More Funding For Biomedical Research, Better Explanations From Researchers
CBS Chicago – Aug 11, 2014
Sen. Durbin spoke and met with UChicago researchers on Aug. 11

Guidelines: Treat Sickest HCV Patients First
Medpage Today – Aug 11, 2014
Donald Jensen, MD, comments

As others get money, hospitals fear cutbacks in research funding
Chicago Tribune – Aug 11, 2014
David Meltzer, MD, PhD, comments

Obamacare law funds studies on better health care
Chicago Tribune – Aug 10, 2014
Evan Lyon, MD, Ram Krishnamoorthi, MD, and David Meltzer, MD, PhD, featured

First babies arrive at new Community Hospital birthing center
The Times of Northwest Indiana – Aug 10, 2014
The center is staffed by UChicago Medicine neonatologists

Rethinking the Education of a Doctor
New York Times – Aug 10, 2014
Letter to the editor by Vineet Arora, MD, and Jeanne Farnan, MD

Ebola could devastate African countries’ healthcare systems
Modern Healthcare – Aug 09, 2014
Keegan Checkett, MD, comments

Nazr Mohammed Foundation’s Fundraiser
Sun-Times Splash – Aug 08, 2014
The Chicago Bulls player’s event raised $35,000 for the Kovler Diabetes Center

Adapted paediatric regimen benefits adults with ALL – Aug 07, 2014
Wendy Stock, MD, comments

The cost of treating cancer skyrockets when doctors merge with hospitals
Fox News – Aug 06, 2014
Rena Conti, MD, quoted

Tablet-based games may relax anxious kids before surgery
Chicago Tribune – Aug 06, 2014
Alisa McQueen, MD, comments (syndicated to many other outlets via Reuters)

Study Traces Evolutionary Origins Of Migration In New World Birds
Red Orbit – Aug 06, 2014
Benjamin Winger, PhD candidate, featured

Hot Topics 2014 Predictions – An Update
Medpage Today – Aug 04, 2014
Russell Cohen, MD, featured

Teens take on serious summer games
Chicago Sun-Times – Aug 04, 2014
Melissa Gilliam, MD, MPH, and Patrick Jagoda, PhD, featured

Protective Hinge Process Enables Insulin to Bind to Cells
Health Canal – Aug 04, 2014
Donald Steiner, MD, Shu Jin Chan, PhD, and Margaret Milewski mentioned

On The Evolution of Migration
Phenomena – National Geographic – Aug 04, 2014
Benjamin Winger, PhD candidate, featured

Study traces evolutionary origins of migration in New World birds – Aug 04, 2014
Benjamin Winger, PhD candidate, featured

University of Chicago opens field station in area
South Bend Tribune – Aug 03, 2014
The new Warren Woods Ecological Field Station featured

Shutsung Liao, University of Chicago researcher, 1931-2014
Chicago Tribune – Aug 03, 2014

Activists: South Side hospital patients caught in ‘trauma deserts’
Chicago Tribune – Aug 02, 2014
Stephen Weber, MD, quoted

Leaders of Chicago healthcare: 70 people to know
Becker’s Hospital Review – Aug 01, 2014
Sharon O’Keefe; Stephen Weber, MD; and Eric Yablonka included on the list.

9 Smart Ways to Improve Your Memory
Time Magazine – Aug 01, 2014
Stefano Guandalini, MD, comments

Reflecting on the first month as a new physician — Medical Blog – Aug 01, 2014
By Amy Ho, MD, resident

Flip the birds: Migration began in the north not south
New Scientist – Aug 04, 2014
Benjamin Winger, PhD candidate, featured

Vokes Discusses PARP Inhibitors in Lung Cancer
OncLive – Aug 02, 2014
Everett Vokes, MD, featured

July 2014

Teen helps others who have lost a parent with SLAP’D – Jul 31, 2014
Genevieve Liu, daughter of Dana Suskind, MD, and the late Donald Liu, MD, PhD, featured

Honey, who shrunk the dinosaurs? Study traces dinosaur evolution into early birds
Fox News – Jul 31, 2014
Paul Sereno, PhD, comments

More mental health screening, treatment resources for people with diabetes needed
Health Canal – Jul 31, 2014
JAMA editorial co-authored by Louis H. Philipson, MD, featured.

Collecting Health Data and Reducing Health Disparities: A Winning Combo?
Healthcare Informatics – Jul 31, 2014
Marshall Chin, MD, featured.

Novel approach ahead for cancer patient
The News-Gazette – Jul 31, 2014
Elizabeth Blair, MD, and Tanguy Seiwert, MD, quoted.

Early stem cell transplant may cure “bubble boy” disease
CBS News – Jul 31, 2014
John Cunningham, MD, quoted.

Early Stem Cell Transplant Vital in ‘Bubble Boy’ Disease
MSN Healthy Living – Jul 30, 2014
John Cunningham, MD, quoted.

Chicago doctors’ personal ties to Ebola outbreak – Jul 30, 2014
Keegan Checkett, MD, and Emily Landon, MD, quoted.

Behind a 1,000-pound lead door: Girl undergoes unique cancer treatment (video)
News Tribune – Jul 30, 2014
Susan Cohn, MD, quoted.

Reinvigorating The Antibiotics Pipeline – Jul 29, 2014
Emily Landon, MD, quoted in op-ed piece written by U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam.

Working to get kids more sleep
Peoria Public Radio – Jul 29, 2014
David Gozal, MD, quoted.

Tim Salisbury: Early education pays off over a lifetime
Lansing State Journal (AP) – Jul 26, 2014
Thirty Million Words Initiative mentioned

Best foods to ease Crohn’s disease symptoms
Fox News – Jul 26, 2014
David Rubin, MD, featured.

Does Losing Sleep Mean Gaining Weight?
Yahoo Shine – Jul 25, 2014
Eve Van Cauter, MD, quoted.

Everything You Need to Know to Prevent Stroke
Yahoo Shine – Jul 25, 2014
James Brorson, MD, quoted.

CDC resumes transfers from tuberculosis lab after anthrax mishap
Fox News – Jul 25, 2014
Joseph Kanabrocki, PhD, mentioned.

Anthrax and smallpox errors highlight gaps in US biosafety
The Lancet – Jul 24, 2014
Joseph Kanabrocki, PhD, quoted.

First CDC lab resumes transfer of biological materials; agency names new safety group
The Washington Post – Jul 24, 2014
Joseph Kanabrocki, PhD, mentioned.

CDC Lifts Limits on One Lab After Anthrax Flub
Joseph Kanabrocki, PhD, mentioned.

CDC resumes tuberculosis lab transfers halted after anthrax mishap
Reuters US News – Jul 24, 2014
Joseph Kanabrocki, PhD, mentioned.

7 Ways Summer Wreaks Havoc on Contact Lenses
Shape Magazine – Jul 02, 2014
Louise Sclafani, OD, comments

Microbial monitoring: health forensics for the modern age
Biomed Central – Jul 25, 2014
By Jack Gilbert, PhD

Living in the shadows of health
Oup Blog – Jul 18, 2014
By Jon Grant, JD, MD, MPH

How to Boost Your Sex Drive
Yahoo Shine – Jul 17, 2014
Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, comments

Added Layers of Proteome Complexity
The Scientist – Jul 17, 2014
Tao Pan, PhD, comments

University of Chicago’s Plan to Add 43 Hospital Beds Quashed by the State Chicago – Jul 17, 2014

Chicago-Financial Toxicity Named Cancer Side Effect, Says University of Chicago Study
Advance for Nurses – Jul 17, 2014
Jonas de Souza, MD, featured

Illness threatens the best of barbecuers
Chicago Tribune – Jul 16, 2014
Ves Dimov, MD, comments

How does a celebrity chef lose 150lbs? Graham Elliot’s surgeon reveals the secrets behind his incredible transformation
Mail Online – Jul 16, 2014
Vivek Prachand, MD, featured

The Medical Conspiracy Theories That Too Many Americans Still Believe
ThinkProgress – Jul 16, 2014
Research by Eric Oliver, PhD, Thomas Wood, MA, cited

MRI: safety and training remain a concern
Medical Physics Web – Jul 16, 2014
Wendy Stirnkorb, MRI safety officer, featured

Methods to Manage Statin Intolerance
HCPLive – Jul 16, 2014
Research by Michael Davidson, MD, et al, cited

Dr. David Paushter of Chicago, IL Named a Patients’ Choice Award Winner for 2013
Chicago Business News – Jul 15, 2014

500 People to Know in Healthcare
Becker’s Hospital Review – Jul 15, 2014
Sharon O’Keefe, Stephen Weber, MD, and Eric Yablonka listed

U. of C. hospital is denied plan to increase number of rooms
Chicago Tribune – Jul 15, 2014

The Quiet Hospital
Hospitals & Health Networks – Jul 15, 2014
Resarch by David Meltzer, MD, PhD, Kristen Knutson, PhD, Vineet M. Arora, MD, et al, cited

BCM Experts Highlight Lack of Mental Health Screening, Treatment Resources in Diabetes
BioNews Texas – Jul 14, 2014
Editorial co-authored by Louis Philipson, MD, PhD, featured

Young Hispanic men face rising testicular cancer rates
Reuters US News – Jul 14, 2014
Scott Eggener, MD, comments (syndicated to dozens of other publications)

The effect of breastfeeding on infants
ABC Radio National – Jul 14, 2014
UChicago research featured

NPR host Diane Rehm’s disclosure about her husband’s death shines a light on end-of-life choice
Tampa Bay Times – Jul 11, 2014
Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD, comments

5 Healthy Habits That Regulate Your Appetite – Jul 11, 2014
UChicago research cited

Study Identifies Irinotecan Dosing Levels Based on UGT1A1 Genotype
The Asco Post – Jul 11, 2014
Research by Michael Maitland, MD, PhD, Ravi Salgia, MD, PhD, and Mark Ratain, MD, featured

‘Major Step’ to Identify ‘Financial Toxicity’ From Cancer
Medscape Multispecialty – Jul 16, 2014
Jonas de Souza, MD, featrued

Evidence That Friends Really Are The Family We Choose
Huffington Post – Jul 14, 2014
John Novembre, PhD, comments

A new test may help breast cancer patients most at risk
ABC Radio National – Jul 14, 2014
Marsha Rosner, PhD, is a guest

State board rejects U of C Medicine’s bed reshuffle
Crain’s Chicago Business – Jul 14, 2014

Planning for A Day at The Beach? Sunshine Vitamin May Impact Your Blood Pressure
National Kidney Foundation – Jul 11, 2014
Blog post by George Bakris, MD

Ibrutinib Improves OS Over Previous Standard in CLL
Clinical Oncology – Jul 10, 2014
Olatoyosi Odenike, MD, comments

For your patients considering surgery, knowledge is power
Health Care Communications – Jul 10, 2014
Research by Hyo Jung Tak, PhD, Gregory Ruhnke, MD and David Meltzer, MD, PhD, cited

Afternoon Shift: The social behavior of rats, Taste of Chicago and political pet projects
WBEZ – Jul 09, 2014
Peggy Mason, PhD, is a guest

ASCO Convenes Think Tank to Tackle Disparities in Cancer Care A Conversation With Blase N. Polite, MD, MPP
The Asco Post – Jul 09, 2014
Blase Polite, MD, featured

Vasectomy and Prostate Ca: How Serious the Link?
Medpage Today – Jul 09, 2014
Gregory Zagaja, MD, comments

Chicago Council Selects 22 Emerging Leaders Who Will Strengthen Chicago’s Status as a Global City
Energy Industry News – Jul 09, 2014
Aisha Sethi, MD, named

Shocking, but true: Watching too much TV can be bad for you, sleep experts say
Montreal Gazette – Jul 09, 2014
Eve Van Cauter, PhD, comments (story syndicated to several other Canadian papers as well)

Food science: Fat chance
Nature Publishing Group – Jul 09, 2014
The late Peter Huttenlocher, MD, mentioned

Doctors Lack Tools to Discuss Toxic Exposures with Pregnant Patients: Survey – Jul 09, 2014
Research by Andrey Rzhetsky, PhD, cited

John Maunsell, director, Grossman Institute at the University of Chicago
The Chicago Tribune – Jul 08, 2014
John Maunsell, PhD, featured

Orland Park’s Ninety 7 Fifty may get review
The SouthtownStar – Jul 08, 2014
UChicago Medicine plans to build clinic mentioned

New tool predicts financial toxicity for cancer patients
Oncology Nurse Advisor – Jul 08, 2014
Research by Jonas de Souza, MD, featured

Big Picture Science Radio Show – Deep Time
SETI Institute – Jul 08, 2014
Neil Shubin, PhD, is a guest

Seven ways to keep kids hydrated
Chicago Tribune – Jul 08, 2014
Holly Benjamin, MD, comments (via Reuters, syndicated to dozens of other publications)

Nazr Mohammed’s Annual Fundraiser
WCIU, The U – Jul 08, 2014
Fundraiser to benefit the Kovler Diabetes Center

Recent studies link sleep issues, diabetes
The Philadelphia Tribune – Jul 08, 2014
UChicago research cited

7/8/14 – For cancer patients, new tool predicts financial pain
Pharmacy Choice – Jul 08, 2014
Jonas de Souza, MD, featured

Azithromycin and pneumonia
Today’s Hospitalist magazine – Jul 07, 2014
Study by David Meltzer, MD, PhD, cited

Bruce Reider, M.D. inducted into AOSSM Hall of Fame
Phys.Org – Jul 07, 2014
Bruce Reider, MD, Professor Emeritus, featured

We Need to Talk About the Costs of Cancer Treatment – Jul 07, 2014
Research by Jonas de Souza, MD, featured

Is Abstinence Unhealthy?
US News & World Report – Jul 07, 2014
Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, featured (syndicated to several other publications via Yahoo)

Trius: dump or double down on maker of MRSA antibiotic?
San Diego Biotechnology Connection – Jul 04, 2014
Michael David, MD, PhD, comments

Sleep Behavioral Specialist answers all questions on sleeping
WGN – Jul 02, 2014
Lisa Medalie, PsyD, CBSM, featured

AJMC Panel Asks: Does It Pay to Use Pathways?
American Journal of Managed Care – Jul 03, 2014
Chadi Nabhan, MD, comments

Recap: 4th Annual Ladybug Bash To Benefit Atia’s Project Ladybug Fund
Ask Miss A – Jul 02, 2014
The charity benefits families of pediatric cancer patients at Comer Children’s Hospital

Rethinking Sterile: The Hospital Microbiome
Environmental Health Perspectives – Jul 01, 2014
Jack Gilbert, PhD, featured


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