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Articles from top-tier, mainstream, popular or suburban media outlets featuring University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences physicians and researchers in the past month:

Neurologist’s Art Exhibit On Move, Including A Pair Of His Own Paintings Chicago – Oct 17, 2014
Exhibit will be featured at UChicago Medicine

Ebola Spreading Faster Than Expected In Africa: Local Expert
CBS Chicago – Oct 17, 2014
A University of Chicago infectious disease specialist says Ebola is spreading faster than anyone expected and more people are needed on the ground in West Africa.

Leukemia Research Foundation Recognizes Excellence in Hematology/Oncology Nursing
Chicago Tribune – Oct 16, 2014
Elizabeth Hurter, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC, AOCNP, named one of the 2014 Nurses of the Year by the Leukemia Research Foundation

Would-be drug mimics ‘good’ cholesterol
Science/AAAS – News – Oct 16, 2014
Godfrey Getz, MD, PhD, quoted

Local Doctors Heart-Broken Over Ebola Spread In Liberia
CBS Chicago – Oct 16, 2014
Keegan Checkett, MD, quoted

Nurses cast doubts on Ebola plans in Chicago, nationwide
Chicago Tribune – Oct 16, 2014
Preparations at UChicago Medicine praised

Asthma and the Precious Breath of Life
UHI Office of Community Affairs – Oct 15, 2014
Susan Peters, Manager of Community Relations, hosts the weekly Community Health Focus on WVON radio, 1690 AM on Sat., Oct. 18 from 3pm-4pm.

What Is Protocol To Protect Workers From Ebola?
CBS Chicago – Oct 15, 2014
Michael David, MD, PhD, comments

Personal Health: Compulsions that cannot be ignored – Oct 15, 2014
NEJM article by Jon E. Grant, JD, MD, MPH, cited

Tough Questions About Health-Care Reform Put Economist in Hot Seat
The Asco Post – Oct 14, 2014
Rena Conti, PhD, featured

Ebola and Hospitals: How Great Is the Threat?
Medpage Today – Oct 14, 2014
Seth Trueger, MD, MPH, comments

Black Diabetics Lose a Leg Three Times More Often
Bloomberg Businessweek – Oct 14, 2014
Marshall Chin, MD, MPH, comments

Brittany Maynard doesn’t “want to die”
CBS News – Oct 14, 2014
Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD, comments

Afternoon Shift: Understanding brain tumors and how to treat them
WBEZ – Oct 14, 2014
Rimas Lukas, MD, discusses CTU president Karen Lewis’ recent brain tumor diagnosis

O.C.D, a Disorder That Cannot Be Ignored
New York Times – Oct 13, 2014
Jon Grant, JD, MD, MPH, comments

Anatomy of a Hospital, Or Why Your ER Wait Time is So Long
Hippo Reads – Oct 13, 2014
By Laura Christianson, Pritzker School of Medicine student

Ailing CTU President Not Running For Mayor Of Chicago
CBS Chicago – Oct 13, 2014
Issam Awad, MD, comments in the WBBM radio report (embedded in story)

Can the US health care system control Ebola’s spread?
Al Jazeera America – Oct 13, 2014
Emily Landon, MD, featured in an on-air panel

The Strange Connection Between Sense Of Smell And Life Expectancy – Oct 13, 2014
Research by Jayant Pinto, MD, featured

Doctors Should Make House Call In Case Of Ebola: Expert
CBS Chicago – Oct 13, 2014
Sola Olopade, MD, MPH, comments

Waukegan man’s good work will continue, thanks to kidney donation
Lake County News-Sun – Sun-Times – Oct 12, 2014
Patient to receive a transplant at UChicago Medicine in November

Relatives of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan speak out in Chicago – Oct 11, 2014
Sola Olopade, MD, MPH, comments

Clinicians Explore EV-D68, Paralysis Link
Medpage Today – Oct 10, 2014
Comer Children’s Hospital was among the first to report a spike in the respiratory virus

Study: Decreased Ability to Identify Smells Predict Death in Older People
Voice of America – Oct 10, 2014
Jayant Pinto, MD, featured

8 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Fat
Cosmopolitan – Oct 10, 2014
Lori Welstead, MS, RD, LDN, comments

Doctors Pedal Through Michiana for Cancer
ABC 57 South Bend – Oct 09, 2014
ABC 57 South Bend covers the first annual Urologic Oncology Bike Tour & Fundraiser, featuring Arieh Shalhav, MD.

Scientists Coax Human Embryonic Stem Cells Into Making Insulin
NPR Blogs – Oct 09, 2014
Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD, comments

Breast Cancer Survivors Celebrate
Fox 32 Chicago – Oct 02, 2014
More than 75 breast cancer survivors and family members attended the “Fearless: Living to Tell Our Stories” dinner at UChicago Medicine.

What your sense of smell tells you about your health
Public Radio International – Oct 09, 2014
Jayant Pinto, MD, featured

U of C. Medicine gets $6.2 million grant to fight hepatitis C
Chicago Tribune – Oct 08, 2014
Daniel Johnson, MD, Andrew Aronsohn, MD, featured

FDA Schedules ODAC Hearing for Panobinostat in Multiple Myeloma
OncLive – Oct 08, 2014
Andrzej Jakubowiak, MD, PhD, comments

Illinois health officials, hospitals ramp up Ebola preparedness – Oct 08, 2014
Emily Landon, MD, Aelaf Worku, MD, featured

13 Questions You Never Knew You Needed The Answer To, Answered
BuzzFeed – Oct 08, 2014
Robert Naclerio, MD, comments

Migrating monarchs are ‘buffer’ than the rest – Oct 08, 2014
Marcus Kronforst, PhD, featured

Losing Your Sense of Smell Predicts DeathThe Bizarre Thing That Predicts Death for Men
Men’s Health Magazine – Oct 08, 2014
Jayant Pinto, MD, featured

The Alternate-Reality Games That Teach Kids The Cause And Effect Of Their Circumstances
Fast Company – Oct 08, 2014
Melissa Gilliam, MD, MPH and the Game Changer program featured

Ebola Training Focuses on Astronaut-Like Gear – Oct 08, 2014
Emily Landon, MD, and Mark Nunnally, MD, featured (story syndicated to hundreds of other outlets worldwide via AP)

Brand-name Oral Oncologics Drive Spending Trend, Study Says
OncLive – Oct 07, 2014
Rena Conti, PhD, featured

Prozac Is No Magic Pill, but It Works
New York Times – Oct 07, 2014
By Robert Gibbons, PhD

Orthopaedic Surgery, Stripping Away the Fear
UHI Office of Community Affairs – Oct 07, 2014
Muyibat Adelani, MD, and Craig Hensley, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, join Susan Peters, Manager of Community Relations, on WVON radio, 1690 AM on Sat., Oct. 11 from 3pm-4pm.

The World’s Largest 2-Way Dialogue between Scientists and the Public
Scientific American – Oct 07, 2014
Peggy Mason, PhD, featured

Constable: Maine South grad’s work links sense of smell, death
Daily Herald – Oct 07, 2014
Jayant Pinto, MD, featured

Awareness aids the fight against breast cancer – Oct 06, 2014
Grace Suh, MD, comments

Hospitals newer to 340B drug discounts found to serve less needy patients
Modern Healthcare Blog – Oct 06, 2014
Research by Rena Conti, PhD, featured

Genetic secrets of the monarch butterfly revealed
UChicago News – Oct 06, 2014
Marcus Kronforst, PhD, featured

How to improve care transition safety
Clinical Innovation + Technology – Oct 06, 2014
Vineet Arora, MD, featured

How Drug Discounts for the Poor Became a Windfall for Hospitals
Bloomberg Businessweek – Oct 06, 2014
Rena Conti, PhD, featured

Health Affairs October Issue: Specialty Drugs — Cost, Impact, And Value
Health Affairs Blog – Oct 06, 2014
Research by Rena Conti, PhD, cited

More scrutiny fans the 340B debate
Healthcare Finance News – Oct 06, 2014
Research by Rena Conti, PhD, cited

Fewer Work Hours, Same Mortality Rates
Medpage Today – Oct 05, 2014
Vineet Arora, MD, comments

Losing Dad: A Teen Finds Purpose in Grief – Oct 05, 2014
Genevieve Liu, daughter of Dana Suskind, MD, and the late Donald Liu, MD, PhD, featured (story syndicated to dozens of other outlets via AP)

University of Chicago Medicine Holds First Bike Tour and Fundraiser – Oct 03, 2014
The tour benefits the University of Chicago Medicine Urologic Cancer Program

Breast cancer genetic screening offers vital information, uncertainty
Los Angeles Times – Oct 03, 2014
Jane Churpek, MD, comments

Medical reversals: When wonder drugs become harmful — Medical Blog – Oct 03, 2014
Adam Cifu, MD, comments

The ability of monarch butterflies to migrate may hinge on a single gene
The Washington Post – Oct 01, 2014
Marcus Kronforst, PhD, featured

How One Gene Gives Monarch Butterflies the Power to Migrate – Oct 01, 2014
Marcus Kronforst, PhD, featured

U of C offering free heart disease screenings
WGN – Sep 26, 2014
Dare to C.A.R.E. program featured

Outbreak of a Respiratory Illness Escalates Among Children and Mystifies Scientists
New York Times – Sep 25, 2014
Daniel Johnson, MD, comments

Engaging Patients: Interviews With Patients, Providers, And Communities Across The Country
Health Affairs Blog – Sep 25, 2014
Monica Peek, MD, MPH, and the CareSmarts program cited

Frankfort man believes laughter helps in cancer fight
The SouthtownStar – Sep 25, 2014
Daniel Golden, MD, featured

Breast cancer genetic screening offers vital information, uncertainty
Chicago Tribune – Sep 24, 2014
Jane Churpek, MD, featured

Cardinal George cancels trip, may use crutches
My Fox Chicago – Sep 24, 2014
Justin Kline, MD, comments (syndicated to several other outlets via AP)

End of Life Decisions
Chicago Tonight – WTTW – Sep 24, 2014
Peter Angelos, MD, PhD, featured

Infection Prompts Cardinal George To Cut Back Schedule
CBS Chicago – Sep 24, 2014
Russell Szmulewitz, MD, comments

Designing for the Modern Healthcare Consumer – Sep 24, 2014
University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center at Silver Cross Hospital featured

Science Scanner: Voters Say Pluto is a Planet, Sense of Touch Explored, Promising New Way to Stop Spread of Cancer, High-Tech Bracelet Secures Computers
Voice of America Blogs – Sep 24, 2014
Research by Sliman Bensmaia, PhD, and Hannes Saal, PhD, featured

Computer simulations help doctors learn to diagnose patients
SFGate – Sep 23, 2014
Jason Alexander, MD, comments

Intensive Loss of Gut Bacteria Diversity
The Scientist – Sep 23, 2014
John Alverdy, MD, featured

What’s Up With That? Phantom Cellphone Vibrations
Wired – Sep 23, 2014
Sliman Bensmaia, PhD, comments

Reconceptualizing Health and Health Care: Why Our Cancer Care Delivery System Is In Crisis
Health Affairs – Sep 23, 2014
By William Dale, MD, PhD

Partnership aims to benefit school-located vaccination programs
Healio – Sep 23, 2014
Heather Limper, MPH, featured

14 Supposedly Healthy Foods That Dietitians Never Eat
Cosmopolitan – Sep 23, 2014
Lori Welstead, MS, registered dietitian, comments

Treating Mild Hypertension With Drugs May Be Misdirected
Medscape Multispecialty – Sep 23, 2014
Neda Laiteerapong, MD, comments

Health Researchers Will Get $10.1 Million to Counter Gender Bias in Studies
New York Times – Sep 23, 2014
Abraham Palmer, PhD, featured

Alumnus contributes to Liberia’s Ebola response
The Dartmouth – Sep 22, 2014
Michael David, MD, PhD, comments

Free thinking
The University of Chicago Magazine – Sep 22, 2014
Peggy Mason, PhD, featured

Sleeping off the weight: new research on the relationship between sleep and your metabolism
WRVO Public Media – Sep 21, 2014
Eve Van Cauter, PhD, featured

Chicago docs team up with faith leaders to combat effects of violence
WGN – Sep 19, 2014
The new Bronzeville Dream Center is supported by UChicago Medicine

Dr. Aasim Padela’s Link Between Muslim Faith and Cervical Cancer Screening
TBT News Service – Sep 19, 2014
Aasim Padela, MD, featued

Second Cancer: For Many, It’s the Price of Survival
Clinical Oncology News – Sep 19, 2014
Kenan Onel, MD, PhD, comments

Bronzeville Church Launches Center to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Chicago – Sep 19, 2014
The new Bronzeville Dream Center is supported by UChicago Medicine

Frankfort resident seeks out robot for open-heart surgery
The SouthtownStar – Sep 19, 2014
Husam Balkhy, MD, featured

Chicago Faith Leaders Sing, Pray For A South Side Trauma Center (VIDEO)
Progress Illinois – Sep 18, 2014

Trauma counseling center proposed for South Side
Chicago Tribune – Sep 18, 2014
The new Bronzeville Dream Center is supported by UChicago Medicine

CDC: Fewer Than 50 Percent Of U.S. Residents Have Been Vaccinated For Flu
CBS Chicago – Sep 18, 2014
Emily Landon, MD, comments

160 gastroenterologists to know – 2014
Becker’s ASC Review – Sep 18, 2014
David Rubin, MD, listed

University of Chicago Hospital to Offer 500 Free Heart Screenings Chicago – Sep 18, 2014
Highlights the new Dare to C.A.R.E program

Where Would U. of C. Put an Obama Library? South SIders Think They Know Chicago – Sep 18, 2014
Speculation includes sites near UChicago Medicine

They Found a Breast Lump. Now what?
Chicago Tribune – Sep 18, 2014
Grace Suh, MD, Anne McCall, MD, featured

Faith Leaders to Provide Post-Trauma Counseling to Address Affects of Violence
The University of Chicago Medicine – Sep 17, 2014
The new Bronzeville Dream Center is supported by UChicago Medicine

Mapping Circuits beyond the Models: Integrating Connectomics and Comparative Neuroscience
Neuron – Sep 17, 2014
By Melina Hale, PhD

Mini-pacemaker on the horizon for heart patients
My Fox Chicago – Sep 17, 2014
Hemal Nayak, MD, featured

Entrepreneurial Woman’s Conference: 5 tips on navigating a crisis
Chicago Tribune – Sep 17, 2014
Lisa Sandos, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Project Manager, comments

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has rare, aggressive cancer
RedEye Chicago – Sep 17, 2014
Mitchell Posner, MD, comments

An Unintended Consequence Of Diet Soda: Disrupting Friendly Bacteria – Sep 17, 2014
Cathryn Nagler, PhD, comments

Sugar Substitutes, Gut Bacteria, and Glucose Intolerance
The Scientist – Sep 17, 2014
Cathryn Nagler, PhD, comments

Breast Cancer Physician Panel Focuses on New Treatments
Chicago Tribune – Sep 17, 2014
Grace Suh, MD, Anne McCall, MD, featured

Artificial Sweeteners May Disrupt Body’s Blood Sugar Controls
New York Times – Sep 17, 2014
Cathryn Nagler, PhD, comments

New Guidelines For Reducing Stroke Risks Unique To Women
TBT News Service – Sep 17, 2014
Issam Awad, MD, featured


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