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Year in Review: UChicago Research 2010

ScienceLife ran 219 posts in 2010, and choosing the best of them is as hard as picking a favorite gene.  So here’s a month-by-month scan of a busy year at the University of Chicago Medical Center, full of exciting discoveries in the laboratory and the clinic. The impact of some of this research is already […]

Linkage 10/1: Life on Gliese 581g?, Ig Nobels, and MoM

This week’s biggest science news would have to be the discovery of Gliese 581g, a planet 20 light years away from Earth that appears to have the capacity to support life. The coverage brought the delightful term “Goldilocks Zone” to public awareness – signifying a planet that is the correct distance from its sun to have […]

Linkage 9/10: Humpback Dinosaurs & Magic Mushrooms

A “hunchbacked” dinosaur is found in Spain, and the University of Chicago’s dinosaur expert Paul Sereno was available for comment. As Nature News points out, the interesting thing may not be the large hump on its back, but the tiny bumps on its arms, which suggest the presence of feathers long before they were predicted […]

What the Haiti Earthquake Built

Photos by Cheryl Reed How do you turn a massive health crisis like the Haiti earthquake into a medical journal article? The chaos following the 7.2 earthquake that killed more than 200,000, injured 300,000, and left hundreds of thousands more homeless was certainly not conducive to orderly collection of data. But the often-improvised responses of […]

Psychic Orthopedics in Haiti

Orthopedic surgeons are tasked with repairing the architecture of our bodies, setting bones straight when they break and correcting injuries to muscles and joints. It doesn’t take a medical degree to know that, most of the time, those structures lie inside the skin. That means that one of the most important tools available to a […]

Field Hospital Haiti: The Movie

We’ve talked a lot over the last several weeks about the University of Chicago Medical Center medical relief efforts in Haiti since the devastating earthquake of January 12th. But most of that discussion has been in the form of photos from the field hospital in Fond Parisien where many of the UChicago volunteers have worked, […]

A New Research Field, Desperately Needed

By all accounts, the medical response to January’s devastating earthquake in Haiti has been overwhelming. But what about the situation in Haiti before the earthquake? At the beginning of the year, the small nation boasted the 2nd-highest number of non-governmental organizations, NGOs, per capita, trailing only India. And yet when the 7.0 earthquake struck just […]

Haiti Stories Part 3: Dima Awad

The pharmacy is a service we mostly take for granted in the United States. No matter how tangled our health care system becomes, it’s relatively easy to have a prescription filled when needed, with most people living within a few minutes’ drive of a drug store. Even more than convenience, we’re fortunate to have the […]

Haiti Stories Part 2: Richard Cook

Two weeks ago, we talked to Richard Cook by satellite phone when he was still in the field hospital in Fond Parisien with the first six-member team from the University of Chicago Medical Center’s Haiti relief effort. Cook, professor of Anesthesia & Critical Care, is remarkably eloquent about his experience in Haiti, whether in that […]

Haiti Stories Part 1: Tiffany Cupp & Rex Haydon

Even as public attention starts to drift away from recovery efforts in Haiti, many non-profit organizations and hospitals continue to send supplies and care to the ravaged Caribbean country. Last week, we talked to some of the 22 volunteers who were part of the second wave of personnel sent by the University of Chicago Medical […]


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