August 2009

Living-Donor Liver Transplant Pt. 1

August 31, 2009

(See parts Two and Three) Twenty years ago this November, the first living-donor liver transplant was performed at the University of Chicago Hospital, transferring a portion of the organ from Teresa Smith to her 9-month-old daughter, Alyssa. In [Read more]

Nano-Treatment for Brain Tumors

August 26, 2009

(Note: This article was corrected on 12/9/09 – previously, it said that the nanoparticles were activated by UV light, but the TiO2 particles are actually modified to be activated using normal, visible light. Also, the light exposure time was [Read more]

Last Night a Bee Gee Saved My Life

August 20, 2009

The committee members who make up the shortlist for theĀ  Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine each year might want to start listing an unlikely trio of medical researchers: The Brothers Gibb, otherwise known as The Bee Gees. Last fall, David [Read more]

Hockey, Language and the Brain

August 17, 2009

If you had to pick a group of researchers who would be interested in hockey, you’d probably first think of dentists, not psychologists. Certainly you wouldn’t consider hockey players an ideal subject pool for mapping the brain’s [Read more]