Video: Janet Rowley Receives Presidential Award

University of Chicago molecular geneticist Janet Rowley received her Presidential Medal of Freedom Wednesday along with 15 other honorees, including Stephen Hawking and Sen. Edward Kennedy. Here’s video of the ceremony, courtesy of C-SPAN…President Obama’s warm introduction is at 15:50, and he presents Dr. Rowley with the medal at 35:00:

Here is President Obama’s introduction:

“After graduating from the University of Chicago School of Medicine in 1948, Janet Rowley got married and gave birth to four sons, making medicine a hobby and making family a priority. It was not until she was almost 40 that she took up serious medical research, and not until almost a decade later that she discovered, hunched over her dining room table examining small photos of chromosomes, that leukemia cells are notable for changes in their genetics — a discovery that showed cancer is genetic and transformed how we fight the disease. All of us have been touched in some way by cancer, including my family, so we can all be thankful that what began as a hobby became a life’s work for Janet.”

Two Chicago TV stations have also done profiles of Dr. Rowley since the Presidential Medal honor was announced, which you can watch online:

WTTW, Ch. 11

ABC-7 Chicago

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