Haiti Stories Part 2: Richard Cook

Two weeks ago, we talked to Richard Cook by satellite phone when he was still in the field hospital in Fond Parisien with the first six-member team from the University of Chicago Medical Center’s Haiti relief effort. Cook, professor of Anesthesia & Critical Care, is remarkably eloquent about his experience in Haiti, whether in that sobering interview (“It is astonishing how many injuries we are seeing,” he reported then) or in front of the Medical Center’s monthly leadership forum, where his 20-minute presentation Wednesday was deeply moving. John Easton interviewed him earlier this week, and though Cook has been fighting a cough since returning from his two weeks of volunteering, he still was full of insight and emotions about the experience. I’ve edited the conversation down to two videos, which you can watch below. The first video contains photographs from the Fond Parisien camp taken by Justin Ide of Harvard University and Christian Theodosis from the Medical Center. In the second video, you’ll see two short video clips filmed by Theodosis of the pharmacy constructed from scratch in the field hospital by the Medical Center’s Dima Awad

Meanwhile, the second team is nearing the end of their two-week stint in Fond Parisien and Port-au-Prince. Pictures and updates from that team are being continuously posted at the Haiti Relief blog.

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