Linkage 9/3: Science Subway, Sacks, Impossible Goals

science-mapWe wrote a lot of words this week, about topics ranging from diabetic sex to breast cancer prevention to genome parasites to loneliness treatments. So here’s a lo-fi Linkage:

It made for a good story (I should know, I wrote one), but the theory that a catastrophic comet strike only 13,000 years ago wiped out Earth’s population of mammoths and other giants is coming under increasing scientific fire.

As ScienceLife has covered previously, the drug Gleevec revolutionized the way leukemia and other cancers are treated. Could it also be a game-changer for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease? The New York Times’ Gina Kolata reports, including a positive comment from our own Sangram Sisoidia.

This week in nightmare fuel: bifocal beetles!

An interview with writer-neurologist Oliver Sacks on the new PLoS Blog Network, purportedly the first where Sacks discusses a tumor found in his right eye in 2005. Speaking of Sacks, I found it surprising that a writer known for writing about bizarre neurological disorders only last week chose to wrote about his own!

In 1997, Brazilian fullback Roberto Carlos scored what is known as the “impossible goal,” a free kick that made an astonishing hard left turn at the last possible moment. Even though that goal was scored against France, a team of French physicists were sportsmanlike enough to determine the physics behind his amazing shot.

The Medical Center’s Wim van Drongelen comments on a study that says oral sucrose is not an effective painkiller for babies, while professor of neurobiology Peggy Mason discusses the analgesic effects of water at a Canadian conference.

The really cool squished image above is Crispian Jago‘s “subway map” of science – go here to get lost in the bigger version. Found via Jerry Coyne’s blog Why Evolution is True.

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