VIDEO: Celebrating the Miracles

Two months ago, ScienceLife wrote about a very special scientific conference, focused less on data and graphs than on the real human effects when a scientific breakthrough is successfully translated to the clinic. Called Celebrating the Miracles, the conference brought together families with diabetic children whose lives had been changed by the discovery that their disease could be treated with a simple pill instead of frequent injections of insulin. The word “miracle” is tossed around a lot, but talking to the parents of these children and the scientists and physicians who study and treat diabetes was a really moving experience about the power of science to change lives.

At the conference, each family had the opportunity to record a video message about their child’s “transition” from insulin to pills. Those stories, alongside interviews with the physicians and scientists from the Kovler Diabetes Center who treated the children and spoke at the conference, were assembled into the following video. Enjoy:

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