Dr. FAQ: Kyle Hogarth on Lung Disease & Bronchoscopy

Endoscopy and colonoscopy are well-known tools of the physician, minimally invasive devices that navigate the channels of the digestive system to spot cancers, ulcers, and other defects once difficult to spot without major surgery. In the shadow of these procedures lies bronchoscopy, which uses similar technology to explore the labyrinth of the lungs. With the flexible tube of the bronchoscope, a pulmonologist can detect potentially cancerous lesions, take samples for pathological testing, help remove dangerous nodules, and apply heat or install valves to help treat asthma and emphysema. We discussed this exciting new world of bronchoscopy with D. Kyle Hogarth, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Chicago Medical Center and an expert on the field. Hogarth discusses the basic warning signs and risk factors for lung disease, talks about the innovative new bronchial thermoplasty treatment for severe asthma, and gives an overview of how bronchoscopes help physicians locate and remove lung cancers.

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