MacLean Center Ethics Seminar Videos: The First Batch

Since late September, ScienceLife has been posting near-weekly recaps of the annual Maclean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics seminar series. The topic for this academic year, “Health Disparities: Local, National, Global” (pdf), has brought together an all-star cast of physicians, biologists, economists, social scientists and other experts to present research on some of the biggest challenges facing health care in the United States and around the world. Most of the sessions have been videotaped, and the first batch of those videos recently went live on the MacLean Center website. Here’s a digest of the first seven seminars available to watch and the ScienceLife posts that briefly summarized the discussions. The videos have also been added to each post.

Rick Kittles (UIC) – “Race, Biomedical Research, and the Politics of Trust”

Rebuilding Trust, Moving Beyond Race

Kathleen Cagney (UChicago) – “The Neighborhood Context of Health Disparities”

Urban Crime and the Waistline

Robert Sampson (Harvard) – “The Social Reproduction of Health Disparities: Lessons from the Chicago Neighborhood Project”

The Invisible Hand of the Neighborhood

Steven Whitman (Sinai Urban Health Institute) – “Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in Chicago: A Matter of Life and Death and an Indictment of Our City”

An Ethical Indictment on Disparities

Abdallah Daar (University of Toronto) – “Innovative Approaches to Reducing Global Health Inequalities”

The Other Part of Global Health

Gerard Clancy (University of Oklahoma – Tulsa) – “Health Disparities in Oklahoma: It’s Time for Community Medicine”

A Community Cure for Oklahoma

Anup Malani (UChicago) – “Addressing Racial Disparities in Hospital Care”

Can You Sue Over Racial Disparities?

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