Podcast Episode 0.2: Stretching, Whipple at 90, NIH Cuts

Welcome to pilot episode 2 of our Medical Center research news podcast. We’re keeping the water wings on for now as we continue to refine the format and discover all the technical struggles inherent in podcasting, but please do listen and give us feedback on how we’re doing – and if you have good ideas for a name.

In this episode, we talk to J. Martin Leland about the Stay in the Game event and preventing injuries for baseball, golf, and tennis season. Dianna Douglas reports on the oldest patient to ever receive Whipple surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center, talking with Kevin Roggin and William Dale about the procedure. And Rob Mitchum reports from a news conference held last weekend by Sen. Dick Durbin about the impact of potential cuts to the National Institutes of Health budget currently being debated in Congress. Thanks for listening!

[If you missed episode 0.1, you can listen here.]

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Rob Mitchum is communications manager at the Computation Institute, a joint initiative between The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory.
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