Dr. FAQ: When Baby, Mom and Doctor Should Wait

By Dianna Douglas

A pregnancy is considered at “term” after 37 weeks. But there are critical growth stages that come next–a baby’s lungs, brain, and liver develop in the last few weeks in the womb. Women in the United States are often induced before the baby has fully gestated, which leads to a host of negative consequences. Kenneth Nunes, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, led an effort to slow down the rate of elective “early-term” deliveries between 37 and 39 weeks at the University of Chicago. In these video interviews, he discusses his motivations, methodology, and results.

In the first, Nunes discusses the risk of delivering early versus the risk of prolonging a pregnancy.

Nunes discusses how a pregnancy is induced, when it is necessary, and the possible effects of inducing.

Nunes discusses how he and the Women’s Care Group reversed the number of elective “early-term” deliveries at the University of Chicago.

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