LabBook April 26, 2013

BIO Exhibition

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  • We’ll keep it short and sweet this week since we spent the first few days at the 20th annual BIO International Convention at McCormick Place in Chicago, a gathering of biotech industry leaders, from pharmaceutical companies and insurance providers to technology firms and university researchers. Day one kicked off with a variety of discussions on personalized medicine, funding for translational medical research and how drug companies and insurers are using big data.
  • Day two of the conference looked to the public sector, and how governments and nonprofit organizations can partner with biotech companies to create innovative solutions, highlighted by a panel with the governors of Missouri, Pennsylvania and Texas.
  • Finally, day three of the convention wrapped up with a look at what to expect from the Affordable Care Act, the future of research and treatment for Alzheimer’s and presentation by our own Dr. Erika Claud and Dr. Elizabeth McNally on their research at Comer Children’s Hospital.

Back to our regular routine next week. It finally feels like spring in Chicago, so enjoy the weekend.

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