LabBook May 10, 2013

Crerar Gordon Quad

Welcome to LabBook, our weekly roundup of University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences research news from around campus and the internet. Each Friday, LabBook will recap the week on the blog, with links to news stories about our faculty and their research.


  • On Monday, Reader’s Digest told the story of Nick Metcalf, a college student who suddenly couldn’t swallow, and how Dr. Marco Patti was able help with a minimally invasive surgery.
  • On Tuesday, we spoke to thoracic surgeon Dr. Christopher Wigfield, the newest member of our lung transplant team, about why lung transplants are the most difficult organ transplant procedure, and the technology in store to improve patient outcomes.
  • On Wednesday, US News & World Report covered new research by Dr. Scott Eggener showing that cholesterol-lowering statins can improve survival rates for patients with a type of cancer called renal cell carcinoma.
  • Also on Wednesday, we reported from the annual University of Chicago Medicine Discovery and Impact event. This year’s topic was the microbiome, or the world of bacteria and microbes living in and around us, and how they shape our health.
  • And finally, yesterday we spoke to neurobiologist Sliman Bensmaia, whose work on the sense of touch continues to amaze. This time he and his colleagues showed how an organism can perceive a tactile stimulus through a prosthetic hand equipped with sensors that can transmit electrical signals to the brain.

Hope you didn’t put away all your jackets yet, it looks like a chilly weekend in Chicago. See you next week.

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