LabBook August 16, 2013


Welcome to LabBook, our weekly roundup of University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences research news from around campus and the internet. Each Friday, LabBook will recap the week on the blog, with links to news stories about our faculty and their research.

This week on the blog:

From our partner blog UChicago Cancer Conversations:

Research in the news:

  • Professor of medicine Adam Cifu co-wrote an editorial in the Washington Post questioning if former President George W. Bush’s recent surgery to place a coronary artery stent was necessary. Cifu cited research showing that cardiac stress tests and stenting for a man of President Bush’s age and relative good health do little to improve survival, while incurring significant expenses.
  • In an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association, bioethicist Lainie Ross addressed the issue of reporting incidental findings discovered with whole-genome sequencing or testing to ordering clinicians and to patients.
  • Finally, Zhe-Xi Luo’s latest mammal fossil discovery received extensive coverage both nationally and internationally, including National Geographic, Discovery News and Time.

Science Life is taking our annual summer break next week before everyone heads back to school, so we’ll see you again on August 26. Thanks for reading.

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