Geoffrey Greene Named Chair of Ben May Department for Cancer Research

Geoffrey L. Greene, PhD, the Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor for Cancer Research at the University of Chicago, has been named chair of the Ben May Department for Cancer Research, effective Sept. 1, 2013.

Geoffrey Greene named chair of Ben May Department for Cancer Research

Geoffrey Greene, PhD

An internationally recognized cancer researcher, Greene has had a profound impact on understanding the genesis, treatment and prevention of hormone-dependent breast cancer. He studies the molecular mechanisms by which female steroid hormones such as estrogen control development, differentiation, cellular proliferation and survival in hormone-responsive tissues and cancers. He developed immunoassays for estrogen receptors that are used throughout the world to determine the choice of therapy and prognosis for patients with breast cancer.

More recently, he has focused on triple-negative breast cancer, the role of micro-RNAs in cancer growth and metastasis, tumor heterogeneity and novel approaches to targeting therapy-resistant breast cancers.

Read more about how Greene is a descendant of the founders of the Ben May Laboratory.

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