What’s New In Neuro-Oncology: A CME Presentation

Rimas Lukas, MD

By Rimas Lukas, MD

For many physicians, having to tell a long-time patient they have brain cancer can be difficult.

The patient likely has many preconceived notions, and undoubtedly jumps to the question: how much time left? For the physician, they may have never had a brain cancer case, and so recollections of treatment modalities may date back to medical school many years earlier.

Fortunately, things have changed for the better.

The University of Chicago Medicine hosted a continuing medical education panel Oct. 15 entitled: What’s New in Neuro-Oncology.

Colleagues M. Kelly Nicholas, MD, PhD, and Steven Chmura, MD, PhD, and I provided updates on the latest treatment options for infiltrating gliomas, the second most common type of primary brain cancer.

Because of the interdisciplinary focus at the University of Chicago Medicine, our Neuro-Oncology team is used to seeing a variety of different brain tumors, and can call on the experiences of numerous colleagues with basic, translational, and clinical research expertise.

We also have approximately 10 different ongoing clinical trials for treating brain tumors.

The CME was part of the Heinrich Kluver Memorial Lectureship Endowment Dinners. The slides from each of the presentations are linked below.

What’s New In Neuro-Oncology

Bevacizumab in Glioblastoma: Results of the Randomized Clinical Trials for Newly Diagnosed Patients and Future Directions – M. Kelly Nicholas, MD, PhD, associate professor of Neurology, Radiation and Cellular Oncology, and Neurosurgery. See the presentation.

Anaplastic Glimoas: the Impact of Recent Developments on Treatment Approaches – Rimas Lukas, MD, assistant professor of Neurology. See the presentation.

Combining Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Low Grade Gliomas: Emerging Trends – Steven Chmura, MD, PhD, associate professor of Radiation and Cellular Oncology. See the presentation.

Rimas Lukas, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at the University of Chicago Medicine. He specializes in the treatment of primary and metastatic central nervous system tumors, and works as part of a multidisciplinary team that focuses on the management of patients with cancers affecting the nervous system.

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