LabBook January 10, 2014


Swine flu, robotic surgery, explosive tempers and more in this week’s LabBook, our weekly roundup of University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences research news from our blogs, around campus and the internet.

Last two weeks on the blog:

Research in the news:

  • Dan Margoliash’s research on how birdsong models speech was chosen among Nature magazine’s best of 2013.
  • The Chicago Tribune featured biologist Michael Coates’ discovery of a “nursery” of fossilized proto-sharks that used to swim the waters of ancient Illinois.
  • USA Today profiled John Schneider and his work to reach out to young black and Latino gay men in Chicago to prevent the spread of HIV.
  • Finally, a number of outlets via HealthDay covered Tara Henderson’s research showing that many adult physicians aren’t prepared to deal with the unique needs to survivors of childhood cancers as they become adults.
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