New Professional Practice Model Sets Foundation for Exemplary Care

Nursing PPM logo - draftAfter more than a year of thoughtful consideration of evidence-based practices, input from hundreds of nurses across the medical campus, refinements and graphic design tweaks, the University of Chicago Medicine Nursing Professional Practice Model (PPM) is now complete.

The new PPM is a bold visual representation of the vision and values that connect University of Chicago Medicine nurses across every department, career stage and practice domain. Members of the multi-disciplinary team of staff nurses, nurse managers and unit-based council chairs who participated in this significant project are confident the model will play a key role in depicting UCM Nursing’s commitment to consistently practicing professional care at the highest levels.

Through shared governance meetings and Nursing Forums, the nurses identified the nursing attributes that they believe are core to being a UCM nurse. From that list of attributes, five pronounced themes emerged. The nurses created drawings of more than 20 possible models and also reviewed other nursing PPMs. Their input and ideas were then translated into professional illustrations. Multiple PPM versions were created and each time the teams of nurses narrowed down the selections. Finally, more than three dozen nursing units responded to the call for a vote on the final two models. In the end, the shield PPM was selected as the leading choice among nurses.

At the center of the shield-shaped schematic is the core principle on which all others build: Providing Patient and Family Centered Care.

Framing the core are four supporting tenets:

  • Demonstrating, Leading and Contributing to Evidence-Based Practice
  • Promoting Collegial Relationships
  • Advancing the Community’s Health and Well-being
  • Fostering Ongoing Professional Development and Advancement
Hear what UCM nurses are saying about the new PPM.

Hear what UCM nurses are saying about the new PPM.

“What I love most about this new model is that it’s truly a shared vision,” said Crystal Ward, RN, BSN, who helped lead the PPM design project. “We reached far and wide to engage nurses in this development process and believe we’ve captured their voices. This framework unites every UCM nurse around a single fundamental principle and defines the elements that enable our collective commitment to that principle.”

For some the beauty of this PPM is its simplicity. The shield depicts a sense of strength, a guiding force for nursing practice. Others say it underscores the tried and true standards of a highly effective nursing organization.

Many who believe UCM nurses already exemplify these principles found the PPM reaffirming.

“Nursing is a complex, multidimensional profession that draws from a broad set of talents, skills and perspectives to deliver the best possible patient care,” Katherine Pakieser-Reed, RN, PhD, Director of the Center for Nursing Professional Practice and Research. “Together we were able to develop a solid representation of what it means to be a University of Chicago Medicine nurse. This shield reinforces our dedication to our patients and families, our neighbors, our colleagues and our profession.”

Next, administrators will work to keep spreading the word about the PPM as it’s incorporated into nurses’ daily work.

“Our job now is to plant the seeds that allow nurses in all areas of the organization to embrace this PPM,” said Ward. “As we seek ways to foster engagement in the model, we encourage nurses to share stories relating it to the care and work they perform each day. Witnessing the framework in action will be the best way to demonstrate its significance. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. My hope is that this one will speak volumes for the thousands of patients UCM nurses serve each year.”

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