Nurses Sound Off On New Professional Practice Model

After more than a year of thoughtful consideration of evidence-based practices, input from hundreds of nurses across the medical campus, refinements and graphic design tweaks, the University of Chicago Medicine Nursing Professional Practice Model (PPM) is now complete. Here’s what nurses are saying about it:

Hazel Domingo, BSN, RN, float nurse“It’s perfect. It definitely addresses our own progress as a profession. We can’t achieve our goals if we’re working alone. Everyone is important.” — Hazel Domingo, BSN, RN, float nurse

Nisha Kumar, APN, CNP, Urology“Nurses working as a team promotes the best patient care, and this model illustrates that.” – Nisha Kumar, APN, CNP, Urology

Mark Lockwood, RN, MSN, transplant (department of surgery)“The model shows rightly that patients and families are the core of our nursing mission. Things around the core will advance our mission like promoting collegial relationships.” – Mark Lockwood, RN, MSN, Transplant (Department of Surgery)

Mark Koppen, RN, BSN, 8S ICU“Providing holistic patient and family based care would lead to better outcomes by bringing all of our resources together for the best care of the patient.” – Mark Koppen, RN, BSN, 8S ICU

Lauren Roark, BSN, RN, 3SE“It’s how we’re going to help get nursing collaborating better with other departments in order to better advocate for our patients.” – Lauren Roark, BSN, RN, 3SE

Nicole Burbridge, BSN, RN, 5SW“It’s great because it symbolizes everything nursing means to me.” – Nicole Burbridge, BSN, RN, 5SW

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