Shaping Our Nursing Identity

Nursing logo - draft

University of Chicago Medicine nurses are already among the industry’s best at balancing the “art and science” of nursing. Now a new branding effort will identify and define UCM’s nursing brand.

The Image of Nursing Committee spent months meeting and surveying employees to create a nursing-specific brand to embody, unify and showcase UCM’s nursing culture. The result – “At the Forefront of Exemplary Care” – is the new tagline for the nursing community.

The phrase highlights how UChicago Medicine’s world-class nurses are dedicated to delivering excellence and the highest standards of patient care. It also speaks to their ability to solve complex cases while underscoring the appreciation for and recognition of patients. Meanwhile, it aligns with UCM’s overarching position as one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers.

Being “At the Forefront of Exemplary Care” complements nursing initiatives such as the Professional Practice Model and March to Magnet. Beyond the brand, however, the new tagline is an aspirational theme for UCM’s nursing community to rally around.

A new brand logo, which gives UCM nursing a visual identity, has been created. It should be used and included in all nursing-related PowerPoint presentations, recruiting materials and other signage, whether it’s used internally or externally. Meanwhile, the phrase “At the Forefront of Exemplary Care” should be included in email signatures.

For more information on when and how to use the new nursing material, visit and click on “Our Brand” on the right side of the page to learn more about brand guidelines.

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