Update: UCM Nurses Share Thanks in Network TV Debut

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Last week, NBC Nightly News visited the medical campus to interview three UCM nurses for a Thanksgiving Day segment featuring people across the country sharing what they’re thankful for.

DCAM OR nurse, Robin Betts, RN; special procedures nurse, Hereshdee Wilson, BSN, RN; and ICU nurse Liz Soto, BSN, RN, each took the unique opportunity to express gratitude for loving families, good health and the gift of a rewarding career in nursing.

“The filming was an awesome experience for me,” said Wilson. “It allowed me to reflect back over the year and realize all the many opportunities, accomplishments, loving people and peaceful times I have to be thankful for.”

We won’t know until Thanksgiving Day whether their segments made it into the final broadcast, but here are a couple of photos from the shoot.

UPDATE: Click here to watch the segment, which includes Betts and Wilson!

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