Wound Care Program Analysis Improves Care, Saves Money

Megan Moorman, left, and Jeannie Triezenberg, of Supply Chain, replace wound and skin care products.

Megan Moorman, left, and Jeannie Triezenberg, of Supply Chain, replace wound and skin care products.

By Megan Moorman,
Sourcing Category Leader – Supply Chain

Our Advanced Wound care and Advanced Skin care project came to a close two weeks ago.

This was a 10-month multidisciplinary initiative led by Supply Chain who partnered with our Wound Care nurses in order to find a product line that drove both improved clinical results and cost savings.

Seven different vendors went through the process of bidding for this business, and we were able to standardize to Convatec for both the Advanced Wound Care and Advanced Skin care lines. By doing so, we were able to capture $187,000 in annual savings!

Convatec was able to provide innovation to this category by a recently developed product Sensi-Care™ Clear Zinc. This product leads to longer wear time by allowing the clinical staff to see the skin and monitor the patient without additional applications.

This is a great example of an innovative product that allows us to live up to our motto of staying at the forefront of medicine. Convatec also enabled us to simplify our skin care algorithm in half! This will help the clinical staff provide the best possible treatment by following a simple algorithm that leads to proven results.

Along with the product lines, Convatec was able to support us in other manners, such as education. Keeping our staff informed on proper uses and applications will help us improve our patient’s outcomes. Our Wound Care team was able to partner with Convatec to provide education materials, develop CE courses for on-going training, as well as a commitment to bi-annual in servicing of our entire staff.

By bringing this cross functional team together, University of Chicago Medicine succeeded in bringing innovative products to our staff, save on supply cost, and, as a result, raise our standard of care.

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