DAISY Award Winners


Myoung-Sook Kwon, PhD, RN

There was this one particular nurse who went above and beyond for me. Her name is Myoung-Sook Kwon, PhD, RN. I will never forget her. I was crying in the room and very sad. She came up to me and put this very warm blanket around me. She sat and talked to me, consoled me and made me get something to eat and get some rest. I will never forget that. She really went above and beyond as far as I’m concerned. She would come in and talk to my son and make him laugh to get his mind off of things. She was truly remarkable.

I have been to other hospitals that were not so great. I was apprehensive when we came here because I did not know what to expect. I was expecting the worst. I must say I was so surprised on the excellent care my son received from everyone! We really were impressed. – From patient letter. 



Nick Mileos, RN

I wanted to share with you a story that absolutely melted my heart. Nick Mileos, RN, floated to 8 South last Tuesday and cared for a patient that had been on our unit for many months after multiple organ transplants. The patient was finally being discharged to a rehabilitation facility that day after a very long and torturous course. Nick realized that it was the patient’s birthday and spent all morning securing a piece of cake from dietary, making a makeshift candle and then gathered everyone on the unit to sing Happy Birthday to him.

 All the nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, and our secretary gathered together in his room to give him this “surprise birthday” party and sing to him. I had never seen the patient look so pleased, he was smiling and even blushing from all the attention. It was not only a great way to celebrate one of our “resident” patients, but a nice send off as well.

 Unfortunately, the patient passed away unexpectedly just a couple of days after being discharged. I can’t help but think that Nick created the patient’s last happy memory, and to have it happy at UCM on 8 South makes me proud. He is exactly the type of nurse that makes our organization special!” – From supervisor’s award nomination. 

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