DAISY Award for February Plus Honorable Mentions


Every month, many of our nurses receive special notes of thanks from their patients for the outstanding compassionate work they do. but we can only chose one or two nurses to be DAISY Award recipients.

All our nurses are worthy of congratulations and recognition. Starting this month, we are going to include other patient testimonials in the Daisy Award story to give everyone a better appreciation for how impactful University of Chicago Medicine Nursing is on the lives of our patients.

Amanda Lawrence, BSN, RN, right, with unit manager Pamela McCall, BSN-RN, NE-BS, OCN.

Amanda Lawrence, BSN, RN, right, with unit manager Pamela McCall, BSN-RN, NE-BS, OCN.

 I would like to nominate my nurse, Amanda Lawrence, for a DAISY Award. I went through a lot of pain last night. I might have called her at least 15 times during the night with different requests and she always helped me and showed a caring and kind attitude. She also empathized with me and I am just very grateful she worked the night shift.” – Patient testimonial




Pat Smith (CCD 10 West) is an excellent nurse. She’s kind, compassionate, considerate and very knowledgeable. Pat was our nurse when we had that big snow storm one weekend and they were short staffed. She was here and maintained my husband very well, also doing double duty. She was very comforting during stress, through hurt and many silent tears that I tried to hold back but could not with assurance. She’s a Great Lady. 

I nominate Samantha Israel, (CCD 9 East). I fought through 2 days of horrible pain and one day of feeling very sick due to an infection. Recently, I had sunny Sam as my nurse, and with the doctor’s permission, she helped me take a 45 minute shower. I’d been complaining up to this point that my hair was out of control and I felt dirty. I had two surgeries and did not want any more infections. That shower gave me my smile back and sunny Sam took professional, loving, compassionate care of me for two 12-hour shifts. Thank you Sam for choosing to be a nurse. You are most certainly performing God’s will.

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