DAISY Award Recipients and Honorable Mentions


Daisy Award Recipient for April: Lydia Castillo, RN, of 9 West

There is a man named Cesar Milan who is called the “Dog  Whisperer” because he has this amazing and uncanny ability to speak to the animals and simplify the motivations of their behavior that mystifies mere mortals.

Well what you don’t know is that there are similar people who are able to do that with veins. If you’ve never been called a hard stick, you may not relate to the deep appreciation of having a “Vein Whisperer” arrive into your room.

After your arms have been stuck multiple times to the point where they are bruised so badly that the skin looks more like poorly executed batik, you long for that nurse who has what’s called “the touch.”

Lydia Castillo, RN, is unassuming in her talent. She bounces in with a smile and begins humming and massaging your arms with a strong confident touch. She then looks you in the eye and says, “I am going to get this for you, don’t you worry”.

In one stick, what others took 20 minutes to try and failed miserably at your expense, Lydia does in 5 minutes. You look her in the eyes and know that you have been blessed to have your IV performed by someone who knows the intricacies of small rolling veins that collapse and faint like Victorian women in corsets.

Lydia is so thoughtful, that she even takes time above her schedule to insure the patients have healthy IVs before she clocks out, because she is sensitive to the fact that if this is not done, these patients are subject to the vagaries of phlobotomic talent and will continue to get bruised and stabbed in the arm until someone like Lydia comes to the rescue.

Lydia extends this same attitude to being thorough about patient medication and pain. She greets every negative situation with a smile, a firm kind hand and a solution. Please give this kind hearted thoughtful nurse an award. – Patient Testimonial



Daisy Award Recipient for March, Melinda Mohamed, BSN, RN, OCN 10 East

My night nurse, Melinda, on the CCD 10th floor, was an absolute pleasure to have. We hit it off right away when we met and she was always kind, asking how I was doing, catered to any changes I asked for, and even spoke to me in Spanish (I’m trying to learn). That last bit about speaking Spanish alone makes her special, but there’s much more to speak of.

This stay I’ve been here about a month already and when I found out I would have to stay for at least one more week, I was absolutely heartbroken. I’ve been improving so much and I thought I could be out by the end of the week. But it was not meant to be.

When Melinda came in to start her shift, I told her and instantly broke into tears. She stayed and let me know that in the few nights in a row she took care of me, I have improved with every night and have made leaps and bounds since I first got in the hospital. This gesture, while seeming small in the grand scheme of things, really kept me going that night and will help propel me through the rest of my stay.

I won’t forget what she did for me that fateful evening, as it meant the world when she did it. If anyone in my stay really stood out in my time here, it would be her. This is why I believe Melinda should get the DAISY award. Thank you for your time. – Patient Testimonial


 I want to express my great appreciation for a nurse named Roxanne Linklater, BSN, RN, in D2.  She is an amazing nurse. She took the time to go beyond her duty to continuously check on my well-being.  I was soon to be discharged until Roxanne caught something unusual with my donor site from my recent surgery. I was so thankful, because without expertise and diligence, I could have experienced further complications and detriments to my health. – Patient Testimonial

The day my mom was diagnosed with cancer, Louann Shea, APN, stayed late to support us and explain things. She intervened when we had trouble getting a CT done. She’s called to check on mom. She has been amazing. – Patient Testimonial

I wish to nominate Rania Elian, BSN, RN, as she treats me as if I`m her only patient. She treats me like a daughter would treat her father. I couldn’t ask for better care than I received from her. – Patient Testimonial

I want to nominate Rae McGrath, BSN, RN, as she took extraordinary care of me through one of the most uncomfortable nights of my life while I had a breathing tube down my throat. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have made it. Thank you Rae! – Patient Testimonial

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