Debi’s Desk: Introducing New Care Delivery Model

Debi Albert, Chief Nursing Officer and Sr. Vice President of Patient Care ServicesDear colleagues,

As many of us turn our focus towards plans for summer vacations and getaways, I wanted to briefly introduce something that we will be talking about in the months ahead.

Below is a graphic of our new Care Delivery Model. This schematic highlights the flow of patient care in the hospital and ambulatory setting. And as you see, at the center of this model is the focus on patient and family care.

Five important characteristics were considered when UCM’s care delivery “system” was developed, and we will be explaining these in subsequent At the Forefront: Nursing Edition issues.

But a couple of key takeaways I want you all to notice are that not only is patient and family centered care at the center, but that health care is delivered by interdisciplinary teams of professionals.

Nursing plays an integral part of this schematic.

Care-Delivery-ModelBriefly, the teams consist of:

  • Interprofessional team is all licensed providers: physicians, pharmacy, therapy services, respiratory, nutrition, social workers,
  • Nursing team: RNs, APRNs, LPNs
  • Support Team: NSAs , diversity office, IT department, risk, legal, quality office, EVS, transport, security, labs, purchasing, maintenance
  • Community and Continuum of Care Team: case managers, ambulatory areas, community partners, vendors, local schools, colleges of medicine and nursing

Nurses will be able to use the care delivery model to delineate their authority and accountability for clinical decision-making and outcomes.

Look out for more information on this new exciting model in the weeks ahead.

In closing, I wanted to thank everyone who made last month’s National Nurses Week such a huge success. I was very proud of everyone who participated in the multitude of events, and am particularly proud of the caliber of award winners that were celebrated at the Nursing Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Look in this issue for a great number of terrific photos of not only the awards ceremony but other events during the week.

Lastly, I want to extend an institution-wide thanks to Lynn Sanders, RN, who was celebrated at the Tenured Nurses Breakfast as the longest-serving nurse at UCM.

Lynn started here in 1972. While there have been tremendous changes in the professional practice of nursing since then, the compassionate relationship of trust that a nurse forges with a patient has remained the same. Her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of our patients and their families is an inspiration to me and to all of us.



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