How do gut bacteria affect the brain?

One of the  more tantalizing ideas brought up by microbiome research over the past few years is the link between gut bacteria and the brain. We know the microbes living in our digestive tract influence digestion, metabolism, and development of food allergies, but do they also affect how we think and act?

In the latest video from Argonne’s Microbiome Project, Jack Gilbert explores the relationship between the microbes living in your gut and your brain, with the help of Sangram Sisodia and Myles Minter from the UChicago. In 2016, they published a study suggesting that the composition and diversity of bacteria in the gut play an important role in regulating immune system activity that impacts progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Their research, and more like it from the Microbiome Center, points to exciting new possibilities for treating mental health.

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