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Kevin Jiang is a Science Writer and Media Relations Specialist at the University of Chicago Medicine. He focuses on neuroscience and neurosurgery, orthopedics, psychology, genetics, biology, evolution, biomedical and basic science research.

Expediting entrepreneurship: UCGo! Startup License

November 18, 2015

To help streamline the tricky process of university intellectual property licensing, UChicagoTech has launched UCGo!, a new, expedited licensing program for startup companies. ScienceLife spoke with Cristianne Frazier and Eric Ginsburg, who co-manage UCGo!, about their effort to expedite entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago. [Read more]

A big data look at improving scientific research: A Q&A with Andrey Rzhetsky

November 11, 2015

Of all the possible experiments available in biomedical research, only a small subset are ever tackled by scientists. This is in part due to institutional and cultural pressures that lead researchers to avoid risk-taking and choose inefficient research strategies, according to a new study based on a computational analysis of millions of patents and research articles. ScienceLife spoke with co-author Andrey Rzhetsky about the proposed steps for a more productive future. [Read more]

Neuroscience 2015, and a window into the brain

October 16, 2015

This weekend marks the start of Neuroscience 2015, the annual mega-conference of the Society for Neuroscience. For a deeper look at how some UChicago neuroscientists are working to decipher the brain, ScienceLife presents the second part of a story excerpted from the spring issue of Medicine on the Midway: A window into the brain. [Read more]