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Matt Wood is a senior science writer at the University of Chicago Medicine and nonfiction editor for Another Chicago Magazine.

An Instagram for Medical Images

July 9, 2012

By Matt Wood We share images online as second nature. Facebook users alone upload more than 300 million photos a day, not to mention millions more shared on services such as Instagram, Google+ and Flickr, or simply sent to friends by email. Besides [Read more]

Teaching the Bedside/Desktop Manner

June 19, 2012

By Matt Wood Maybe you’ve had this experience at the doctor’s office: Your physician enters the exam room, and instead of asking “What brings you here?” and speaking face to face, he sits down at the computer and starts peppering you with [Read more]

A HIRO in Radiology

June 12, 2012

Medical imaging has become a crucial tool for diagnosis and clinical research. Imaging services in an academic medical institution like the University of Chicago Medicine are used by dozens of departments for everyday patient care and clinical [Read more]