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Matt Wood is a senior science writer at the University of Chicago Medicine and nonfiction editor for Another Chicago Magazine.

Food Allergies vs. Food Intolerance

March 23, 2012

By Matt Wood Adverse reactions to foods, including eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, shellfish and soy, are on the rise, especially among children. The CDC reports (PDF) that between 1997 and 2007, food allergies increased 18 percent in [Read more]

PURLs of Wisdom

March 5, 2012

By Matt Wood Family medicine physicians try to stay current in their fields by reading the latest medical journals and research literature, but the volume of new research can be overwhelming. To deal with this flood of information, the Family [Read more]

Treating Pain on a Social Scale

February 9, 2012

By Matt Wood We hear a lot these days about online social networks, but the size and strength of a person’s real-life social network has major consequences for his or her health and quality of life. Studies have shown a statistical link between [Read more]

Season of the Centenarians

January 19, 2012

By Matt Wood Joseph Kirsner, MD, continues to report to work after 76 years as a gastroenterologist at the University of Chicago Medical Center. At 102, he must be doing something right. Sure, he keeps his mind and body active by keeping up with [Read more]