Computational Science

A Big Boost for Big Data at UChicago

April 15, 2013

Two major gifts will build momentum behind the University of Chicago's leadership in biomedical computation by assembling experts in the field and furnishing them with the tools to use "big data" to understand disease and solve today's health-related challenges. [Read more]

Sabermetrics for Scientists

September 17, 2012

This post originally ran on the Computation Institute website. The last decade has seen a statistical revolution in sports, where new, smarter measures of player performance in baseball, football, or soccer are replacing more traditional stats. [Read more]

Summer in the Research Lab

August 16, 2012

For many college students, summer means heading back home to Mom and Dad’s house, hanging around and wishing you were back at school with your friends. Maybe you take a class or two, or work some menial job to make spending money for the fall [Read more]

When Art and Science Meet Halfway

April 30, 2012

by Rob Mitchum Too often, art and science are treated as intellectual adversaries. Educational systems typically route students toward one pole or the other, with the artistic and scientific spheres rarely intersecting by the time one reaches the [Read more]

A Fickle Pump and its Protons

September 26, 2011

Like a basement in a flood plain, a cell needs a good pump. Cells must maintain a particular mix of ions inside their membrane walls, with low concentrations of sodium and high concentrations of potassium. The only problem is that cells are leaky, [Read more]

When Academia is a Family Business

August 4, 2011

There’s something quaint and charming about a family business, where multiple generations work shoulder to shoulder to keep an enterprise afloat. But when the business in question is academia and the salaries are paid by tax dollars, suddenly [Read more]