Neuroscience Wednesday

October 21, 2009

And so Neuroscience 2009 comes to an end, and it’s time to put away my badge, rest my weary feet and note-taking hand and think about biology below the neck again. Here’s the final installment of our live coverage, but come back tomorrow [Read more]

Darwin and Cancer

February 12, 2009

By Jeremy Manier One of the interesting riddles of evolution is how single-celled organisms became integrated into larger communities of cells, finally resulting in cumbersome creatures like us. But sometimes even we get glimpses of what life before [Read more]

Happy Birthday, Darwin

February 12, 2009

By Jeremy Manier By a happy coincidence, we chose the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth to start this new biomedical blog, Science Life. Evolution and human genetics will be frequent subjects here, both in terms of theory and [Read more]