When Academia is a Family Business

August 4, 2011

There’s something quaint and charming about a family business, where multiple generations work shoulder to shoulder to keep an enterprise afloat. But when the business in question is academia and the salaries are paid by tax dollars, suddenly [Read more]

What Happens to Gorillas on the Pill

June 27, 2011

In zoos, keepers strive to preserve as much of the natural experience as possible for their animals. But not everything can be left up to nature behind zoo walls. While encouraging reproduction can be a zoo mission for captive endangered species, [Read more]

When the Predators are Away…

May 3, 2011

At the core of ecology is the perpetual battle between predators and their prey. The relationship typically works like a see-saw: when more predators come into an environment, the prey population drops, until the predators start going hungry and [Read more]

The Ghosts of Yellowstone

March 29, 2011

Paleontologists often deal with time scales in the hundreds of millions of years, reading the messages of fossils to learn about life on Earth long before humans arrived on the scene. But bones aren’t limited to providing insight on [Read more]

Nature’s Neverending Tournament

March 14, 2011

For three weeks starting tonight, the attention of sports fans around the country will be on the brackets of the NCAA Basketball Tournament as 68 teams are methodically reduced to one champion. The process is somewhat similar to evolution, as a [Read more]