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Science Life is the online news hub for the University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences, featuring research, news, multimedia content and interviews with our researchers. From innovative treatments for cancer, digestive diseases and neurological disorders, to the far-reaching potential of basic science research using big data, genetics and the microbiome, Science Life is a look at how the University of Chicago is advancing the forefront of medicine.

News releases are also posted online in our Newsroom, where you can also find information about the media team. For general inquiries about Science Life, contact the editor, Matt Wood.

Have news we should know about?

If you are part of the UChicago Medicine and BSD community, we can help you garner coverage for your upcoming publication, announcement, award or grant using the appropriate communication channel. The earlier you let us know about your news or event, the better we can plan apt coverage.

Among the communication channels we use:

  • News releases and media advisories
  • Science Life blog posts
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Internal, community and alumni publications

Please read the following guidelines and be prepared to answer these questions before submitting the form below. Someone from the media team will be in touch shortly.

Publishing new research?

  • Contact us as soon as possible after your paper has been accepted.
  • What journal? Do you have a publication or embargo date?
  • Please include a short lay description of the study.
  • How does your finding impact the general public, improve medical care, or change our understanding of an important issue?

Receiving a major award or grant?

  • Who awarded it?
  • How much is it and for how long?
  • What will the money fund?
  • What makes that work unique?

Hosting or participating in an event or conference?

  • What is the event/conference, and where and when is it being held?
  • Are you presenting major research results? If so, please include a lay description.
  • Who is the sponsoring group(s) or individual(s)?

Know of an engaging patient story?

  • Please provide a short summary and what makes this story unique.
  • Where is the patient from, and who is the treating physician(s?)?
  • Have you gotten consent for us to contact the patient or the patient’s guardian?

Recruiting for a clinical trial?

  • What is the trial for?
  • How exciting or promising is it?
  • How many patients are you trying to enroll, and how long will it run?
  • Can you help us get IRB approval to send out information about the trial?

Have a promotion or personnel announcement?

  • What is the new title/position?
  • What was the previous title/position?
  • When is the effective date of the change?

If you’ve already connected with a reporter for television, radio or print, please let us know. Keep in mind:

  • We can help coordinate interviews, provide media training and answer questions the reporter may have outside of your area of expertise.
  • If you’ve already been interviewed, send us an email with the name of the reporter, the news outlet and the topic of the story. That way, we can keep an eye out for the story.
  • Do not speak “off the record,” and don’t say anything you wouldn’t want to see/hear in the media.

Submit your news

If you do not see confirmation that your message was sent, please resubmit


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