Sabermetrics for Scientists

September 17, 2012

This post originally ran on the Computation Institute website. The last decade has seen a statistical revolution in sports, where new, smarter measures of player performance in baseball, football, or soccer are replacing more traditional stats. [Read more]

Locating the Brain’s Strike Zone

January 18, 2012

In baseball, much is made of the half-second or less a batter is given to swing or not swing at each 100-mph fastball. But another important snap decision is made by the home plate umpire, who must pinpoint the position of the ball as it crosses the [Read more]

Preventing the Preseason Injury

February 28, 2011

As the call for pitchers and catchers to report goes out in Arizona and Florida, amateur athletes are also getting the itch for warm weather and outdoor activity.  Whether you’re dusting off your baseball glove, your tennis racket, or your [Read more]

Digging Into the Disabled List

April 7, 2010

With baseball’s Opening Day celebrated across the country this week, fans will begin their daily rituals of checking the small type at the back of the sports section to see who on their hometown or fantasy team has picked up an injury. But [Read more]