To Test or Not to Test

August 5, 2010

The idealized view of genetic medicine is a world where every person’s DNA can be tested for the genes that predispose them to disease. Armed with this information, physician and patient can take early preventive steps to help decrease an [Read more]

Should Kidneys Be for Sale?

June 3, 2010

Please welcome Ankur Thakkar, who works in our Publications Department, with this fine post on the controversy over paid compensation for organ donation. The economic crisis over the last three years caused many Americans to change their lifestyles [Read more]

To Reveal or Not to Reveal

March 11, 2010

At the heart of every trial involving human subjects, there’s a conflict. The investigators design their study to find the most accurate answer to a particular scientific question, be it the efficacy of a new drug or the incidence of disease [Read more]

Scenes from a cancer trial

April 15, 2009

By Jeremy Manier Neuroblastoma patients recently got some of the best research news they’ve had in a while – but the news wasn’t perfect for everyone. Word of the advance came in an announcement last month from the national [Read more]

Coyne and Levin, Pt. 2

April 9, 2009

By Jeremy Manier I usually disagree with Yuval Levin, but he’s one of my favorite writers about biotechnology on the right or the left. He’s thoughtful, informed and open to dialogue. He’s also fairly immune to hype about [Read more]

Will this dog hunt?

February 25, 2009

By Jeremy Manier Will Saletan of Slate gave this new¬†blog a very gracious shout-out yesterday – many thanks. He also replied to my earlier post taking Will to task a bit about “designer dogs.” I’d suggested that dog breeding [Read more]