Caleb Alexander

Can a Clinical Trial Go to Seed?

June 30, 2011

In most clinical trials the targets are patients, volunteers with a disease who sign up for a study to help advance medical knowledge and perhaps lead to better treatments for what ails them. But this week a report in the Archives of Internal [Read more]

The Off-Label Antipsychotic Surge

January 20, 2011

If you watch enough football games, you might come away with the impression that today’s most profitable drugs are for erectile dysfunction, cholesterol, and allergies. But far less public attention is paid to one of the most expensive classes [Read more]

The Disparity of Pills

August 23, 2010

A great deal of attention has been paid in recent years to the issue of racial and ethnic health disparities. Statistic after statistic reveals that minorities in the United States, particularly African-American and Hispanic populations, are in [Read more]