A Big Leap for Neuroblastoma

September 30, 2010

Cancer successes are usually measured in months, not years. Large clinical trial on promising new treatments are celebrated when they show an average effect of a dozen weeks, and extension of life that can be measured in years is cause for rapture. [Read more]

Dr. Computer Decides Cancer Risk

September 9, 2010

Last week, a multi-center study published in JAMA demonstrated the value of genetic testing for breast cancer risk, a simple test that allows women the choice of preventive surgery. The study and the accompanying editorial urged wider screening of [Read more]

Urologic Surgery in Motion

September 7, 2010

Inside a ballroom of the Chicago Sheraton Wednesday morning, an unusual live event was taking place. As a few dozen people looked on with intent interest, an abstract mix of watery reds, fluffy yellows and pulsating browns filled a giant projection [Read more]