clinical trials

From Wasp Fungus to New MS Drug

September 22, 2010

Just twenty years ago, there were no therapies available for the management of multiple sclerosis. Physicians could give patients drugs to try and blunt the damage caused by the disease’s intermittent attacks on the central nervous system, but [Read more]

ASCO 2010: Chasing Waterfall Plots

June 8, 2010

Most scientific conferences contain two very different approaches to storytelling. On the exhibit floor, pharmaceutical companies, laboratory suppliers, publishers and chambers of commerce compete for attendee’s attention with ever more [Read more]

ASCO 2010: Two Productive Singles

June 7, 2010

In the New Yorker last month, Malcolm Gladwell wrote elegantly about the euphoria and frustration of cancer drug discovery. Tracing in parallel the path of a modern biotechnology company and a team of doctors in the 1950’s, Gladwell [Read more]

The Promise of a Near-Miss

May 26, 2010

A critical step in the design of any clinical trial is picking the right primary endpoint, the result that will usually make or break the study. That’s more difficult than it sounds – one’s hope is to cure a disease or relieve a [Read more]

Clinical Trials at a Turning Point

April 26, 2010

Phase II clinical trials are the clutch moments of translational science, the place where the star medical advances are separated from the disappointing pretenders. Backed by years of promising laboratory findings and a Phase I trial to assess [Read more]

To Reveal or Not to Reveal

March 11, 2010

At the heart of every trial involving human subjects, there’s a conflict. The investigators design their study to find the most accurate answer to a particular scientific question, be it the efficacy of a new drug or the incidence of disease [Read more]