darwin/chicago 2009

Relive Darwin/Chicago in Video Form

May 12, 2010

Six months ago, some of the world’s brightest evolutionary biologists and scholars gathered on the University of Chicago campus for a three-day birthday party celebrating Charlie Darwin’s 200th. At the time, the blog featured live-ish [Read more]

Darwin/Chicago 2009: Saturday

October 31, 2009

4:15 p.m. – Of Mice and Mammoths The last talk of the day (for me, as I had to leave before the final, final talk) made for a great reminder of how far the field of evolutionary biology, wrapped in a relatively simple story told engagingly by [Read more]

Darwin/Chicago 2009: Friday

October 30, 2009

5:00 p.m. – Biomedicine and Bracketology Here’s the final report from today’s session, join us again tomorrow for a full Halloween day of evolutionary science and philosophy! Also, continue to follow PZ Myers of Pharyngula and Skip [Read more]

Darwin/Chicago 2009: The Themes

October 29, 2009

We’re only a few hours away from the start of Darwin/Chicago 2009, 2+ days of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists discussing the past and future of the field. Come back to this space tonight at 6:00 pm Central time for live-blog [Read more]