evolutionary biology

Breast Cancer in Isolation

September 12, 2011

Loneliness can be deadly. In humans, there is a statistical relationship between social interaction and mortality – the more isolated you are, the lower your chances of living a long life. Rats kept in social isolation their entire life die at [Read more]

Sweeping Out Selective Sweeps

February 21, 2011

The ultimate genetic detective story is solving the mystery of human evolution. Since it became possible to look at genetic sequences in humans and their primate relatives, geneticists have hunted for the footprints of how humans evolved. But [Read more]

Long Live The Red Queen

November 1, 2010

Is evolution like a soccer game, with long periods of stability interrupted by brief flashes of exciting activity? Or is it like a treadmill, perennially churning? In the early 1970’s, evolutionary biologist Leigh Van Valen sat down to answer [Read more]