Jerry Coyne

The Snowball of Speciation

October 4, 2010

Among evolution’s best tricks is the act of turning one species into two. Speciation, the foundation of a new species from an accumulation of small changes in an old one, has given birth to the incredible diversity of life on our planet. But [Read more]

Relive Darwin/Chicago in Video Form

May 12, 2010

Six months ago, some of the world’s brightest evolutionary biologists and scholars gathered on the University of Chicago campus for a three-day birthday party celebrating Charlie Darwin’s 200th. At the time, the blog featured live-ish [Read more]

The passion of Francis Collins

July 12, 2009

Francis Collins, NIH chief nominee By Jeremy Manier This was a busy week for biomedical news. The National Institutes of Health got a new nominee for its director, Francis Collins; the NIH finalized new rules for funding of research on embryonic [Read more]

Coyne and Levin, Pt. 2

April 9, 2009

By Jeremy Manier I usually disagree with Yuval Levin, but he’s one of my favorite writers about biotechnology on the right or the left. He’s thoughtful, informed and open to dialogue. He’s also fairly immune to hype about [Read more]